Any reason why babies can't eat grown up porridge?

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noolia Thu 06-Nov-08 13:17:23

DD is 8 months and not keen on breakfast. Is there any reason why she shouldn't eat the same porridge as me (made with fat cows' milk)rather than special baby stuff (which tastes very bland to me) she's a good chewer. I obviously wouldn't give her the golden syrup the I have!

Egg Thu 06-Nov-08 13:19:40

I am giving my DTs (nearly 10 months) Ready Brek just as it is a bit smoother and tbh it looks just the same as the baby porridge but costs about the same for a huge box as the little teeny baby boxes.

Am going to gradually start mixing in my own porridge so they get used to the lumps. Don't know about you but my porridge is biiiiig oats so they are quite lumpy so am holding off for a while as my babies like a good puke.

lulumama Thu 06-Nov-08 13:20:46

check salt content before giving adult food to a baby

dry cereal such as multigrain hoops or shreddy type things are ok for breakfast as is toast with various toppings, fruit etc

PussinJimmyWhoooos Thu 06-Nov-08 13:20:48

You can buy Readybrek porridge for kids actually - its more finely milled and so easier for them to eat. Adult porridge is probably too lumpy. I used it with DS and he was fine

I used to sweeten it with the Frutapura purees - just a drizzle on the top, so he got some fruit into him also...

Hope this helps?

PussinJimmyWhoooos Thu 06-Nov-08 13:21:20

pmsl at my babies like a good puke!

noolia Thu 06-Nov-08 13:21:40

I thought about ready brek but worried it might be a bit salty.

PussinJimmyWhoooos Thu 06-Nov-08 13:23:09

I don't think the children's one is high in salt at all iirc

MrsBadger Thu 06-Nov-08 13:23:13

normal porridge is fine but readybrek is quicker to make [lazy mother]

dd likes things she can pick up so has mini shredded wheats spolshed with milk and microwaved for 20sec - they have nothing in them except wheat (unlike shreddies which I was shicked to discover are stuffed with crap)

ObamasPinkPussyCat Thu 06-Nov-08 13:23:44

I used to blitz my 'big' porridge oats in a blender before giving it to ds

mabanana Thu 06-Nov-08 13:24:19

Readybrek is fab - it's not at all lumpy so cannot imagine why anyone would need a baby version. It has no added salt or sugar at all - though my kids love it with honey drizzled on top (yes, I know, the advice is no honey for first year but mine are older)

nowwearefour Thu 06-Nov-08 13:24:48

proper oats are something my babies have had since 9 months. there is no salt except in the milk you add with it ! millet porridge is also a winner with babies. much much cheaper than buying special baby stuff.....

Egg Thu 06-Nov-08 13:25:04

There's no salt in Ready Brek any more. It is basically 60% oats and then oat flour and some added vits (can you tell I just looked at the box?).

Weetabix has a small amount of salt but is also deemed suitable from 6 months.

CatIsSleepy Thu 06-Nov-08 13:25:30

dd started off on readybrek

noolia Thu 06-Nov-08 13:25:37

Shredded wheat is a good idea! Cereal finger food!

taliac Thu 06-Nov-08 13:26:00

My DD ate "normal" porridge from 7m.

She was BLW though so no lumps issues.

Very messy though as she disliked being spoonfed so ate it with her fingers! Great fun.

Egg Thu 06-Nov-08 13:28:29

My DS1 likes to eat dry shreddies but as MrsBadger says they have lots of salt and sugar (he is older though). Cheerios are jam packed with sugar.

I usually alternate now between toast and peanut butter, ready brek and weetabix for the pukey babies. Weetabix comes back up the most often!

LyraSeveredtongue Thu 06-Nov-08 13:31:11

It might be because of the gluten. Baby-rice-based porridges won't contain gluten.

beansprout Thu 06-Nov-08 13:33:13

Both ds's have had (and continue) to have porridge. blush

For dd 8 months I cook porridge oats and full fat milk with either dried apricots, sultanas or prunes, then give it a quick blitz in the blender. It freezes really well too.

I only started doing it this way, as we all have porridge for breakfast, but she won't eat the big oat flakes, just spits them out.

AnarchyAunt Thu 06-Nov-08 13:37:43

DD had normal porridge from about 7 months.

You can buy oatmeal, or blitz oats in the blender, if you are bothered it will be too lumpy.

MamaHobgoblin Fri 07-Nov-08 15:15:46

DS (8 months) has had normal porridge oats and full-fat cow milk since 6 months. Doesn't mind lumps, likes it with some softened apple or berries squished in it! We didn't get on with the BLW porridge pancakes...

Lionstar Fri 07-Nov-08 15:25:53

Regular porridge oats (i.e. adult sized) here from 6 months too - usually with some soft fruit or raisins in.

Carabosse2010 Mon 13-Feb-12 18:46:23

Good to know. I gave DS (9 months) some of my porridge the other day as an experiment and he seemed to like it way better than his own baby rice... might just be the mummy's bowl phenomenon of course!

dizzy77 Mon 13-Feb-12 19:59:01

DS (9mo) has been having normal porridge since he was 6months, made w full fat milk. I did start to use "normal" oats for him rather than the "jumbo" ones I prefer. He's BLW so I make it really thick and cook it for a while to give quite a solid result - twice the liquid to oats (he's getting through a third of a cup of oats now) and 1m30s in the microwave. Stir briskly to start cooling and thicken then served in lumps he picks up. It is sometimes runnier, so messier.

OneLittleBabyGirl Mon 13-Feb-12 21:23:34

The only reason to use baby porridge is before 6mo, when they can't have gluten. Weetabix and ready brek both have low salt afaik. And why would porridge oats be too lumpy for a 10mo? Or an 8mo?

DD has shredded wheat since around 8mo btw. It's way lumpier than adult ready brek!

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