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Plum baby, plum and banana porridge suitable from what age?

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chipmonkey Tue 04-Nov-08 00:01:14

Am doing online shopping and and wondering if this is OK for ds4 who is just barely 6 months. Can't read the age from the website either!

NorthernLurker Tue 04-Nov-08 00:04:24

I've got the apricot one downstairs and just nipped for a look. It says from 7 months and that it contains gluten. I think the banana one is the same?

NorthernLurker Tue 04-Nov-08 00:07:34

Just looked at the plum baby website and the banana one is 7 months plus and contains gluten. The plain super porridge looks like it's gluten free though.

chipmonkey Tue 04-Nov-08 00:12:04

It looked to me as if the banana one was the same, all right. Unfortunately Superquinn don't do the plain one and he has been a bit iffy with some foods, which is new to me as the other boys took to solids like a duck to water! Ds4 has been a bit whingy and windy and has had a couple of nappy rashes but is teething as well so I don't know what to blame!

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