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TMI - black fibres in poo

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Amberc Sun 02-Nov-08 09:32:30

My LO's poo nappy has got weird black 'fibres in it this morning - loads of them. This also happened yesterday. The only thing I can think of is that on both days he had an inch of banana. Anyone else had this? What do you think I should do? Other than that he's fine. Ta

MoChan Sun 02-Nov-08 09:34:04

That black fibre is exactly what banana does to poo. Don't worry about it.

SmugColditz Sun 02-Nov-08 09:35:50

It's what banana does. It's normal, don't panic.

IAteMakkaPakka Sun 02-Nov-08 09:37:42

Banana - and watch out, if he gets any (banana that is, not poo) on his clothes it stains!

My mum owned up to thinking I had some sort of awful parasite the first time she gave me banana grin

thesockmonsterofdoom Sun 02-Nov-08 09:39:29


Amberc Sun 02-Nov-08 10:07:21

thanks everyone - puts my mind at rest!!!!

TheOtherMaryPoppins Sun 02-Nov-08 10:12:44

ahhh memories In the days before t'interwebby where I could have asked anon and not looked a fool, I took my DD to the HV because I thought she had worms or something blush cue withering look from oldschool HV hmm

Amberc Sun 02-Nov-08 17:30:16

I did think he had some kind of parasite!!! Asked DP to check of they were wiggling blush

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