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Think I might have done the wrong thing...

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FrockHorror Sat 01-Nov-08 12:36:24

My DS is 5 months now and over the last month or so has started refusing to take his milk. He went almost 2 days without taking anything so obviously was screaming and crying through hunger.

In a desperate attempt to get some milk into him, I mixed his formula with baby rice and spoon fed it to him. He took it and was happy. I know the rules on weaning but didn't really know what else to do with him. Now he will only take formula if it is in with his rice. I am thinking of just perservering with this because atm it is the only way I can get anything into him. Although he is a big baby, he has never taken large amounts of formula, but used to take anything between 5 and 6 ozs. When formula is mixed with rice, he can eat loads.

So, should I carry on in this way, or drop the rice and hope he doesn't go back to refusing his bottle? I don't feed him rice everytime he is hungry, twice a day tops and am perservering with the bottles in between when he may take 1/2 ozs tops. Just doesn't seem enough and he is constantly distressed because he is not getting enough milk.

pinkmunkee Sat 01-Nov-08 18:31:13

Hi FH,

I don't have any experience in this area, I'm afraid but if I bump you someone else may join in! Could you try giving him formula from a cup rather than a bottle? A doidy cup is really handy, I've found. If my DS is teethy he doesn't like anything with a spout, preferring cups/ pint glasses (!)

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