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lost the way with a previously good eatter 16months old, good back to basics any good finger food ideas

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freespiritfreedom Thu 30-Oct-08 14:09:20

she used to eat so well everything really, she used to love strawberries and bananas and would much on brocolli carrot stick califlower etc.

now her eattings gone down hill.
she won't eat fruit, and turn her nose up at thimgs she used to like, i think we have gone wrong as we have started to let her eat biscuits and cakes etc and she rather have those than say a banana.

so i need to start again.

i think she would go for finger food ideas as she likes to do things for herself

Habbibu Thu 30-Oct-08 22:03:18

It's a phase a lot of them go through - dd is not a fussy eater, but goes through patches of just refusing something, and then deciding she likes it. Nothing wrong with biscuits and cakes in moderation, but if you think that may be part of the issue, perhaps keep them out of the house for a while, so that they're just not an option.

dd ate most things with her hands - pasta, lasagne, curry and rice, etc - if you can bear the mess, there's not much they can't manage with their hands. At 16 mo she may well do pretty well with a spoon herself. See if she'll nick stuff from your plate - perhaps share your food at lunch, etc. Good luck.

Habbibu Thu 30-Oct-08 22:03:41

Also try for lots of ideas.

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