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Stock cubes

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chloemegjess Wed 29-Oct-08 13:16:03

Hi. I am an idiot. I thought I would make home made vege soup for me and DD and just give hr the lumps of veges rather than lots of liquid. Stupidly, without thinking I have put in 2 stock cubes (into a large saucepan of soup. Then only just realised I think they have too much salt.

Do you think it would be ok? DD is 10months old? Other option is a jar as I hasn't planned anything else as I had banked on giving her that.

what do you think?

ChukkyPig Wed 29-Oct-08 13:17:58

Ooh tricky one. One salty meal won't kill her! But equally if I were you I would be a bit dubious.

Have you tasted it? Is it v salty?

Have a taste and make a judgement based on that is my advice.

chloemegjess Wed 29-Oct-08 13:19:30

It doesn't taste salty. The sausepan is full and other than the stock cubes, it is all just veges and water.

frisbyrat Wed 29-Oct-08 13:33:42

I would give it, as a one off. But then ds is a neglected second child...

HolidaysQueen Wed 29-Oct-08 13:38:49

you could try adding a potato to the soup and heating some more then removing the potato - isn't a potato meant to soak up salt, or is that an old wives' tale?

if it were me (which it no doubt will be one day!), i'd water the soup down a little so i felt better, make sure there was nothing else salty for the rest of the day (no bread, cheese etc.) and make sure to offer lots of water to drink.

ChukkyPig Wed 29-Oct-08 13:40:14

The potato trick is one I've heard too!

If it doesn't taste overly salty then as a one off I wouldn't worry about giving it to her.

Dalrymps Wed 29-Oct-08 13:43:24

For future refrence you can now get baby stock cubes from boots smile. On this occasion I would give the soup.

katiepotatie Wed 29-Oct-08 13:43:52

I'm sure she will be fine. If you are really concerned though for the future you can get Kallo Low Salt stock cubes. I used these when weaning my little one. She's 19mnths now though and she pretty much eats what we are having stock cubes and all grin

chloemegjess Wed 29-Oct-08 14:07:30

I have just given her some. She didn't eat more than a few mouthfulls anyway so not worried. And I just scooped out the veges and added plain, cold water to cool it down which probably watered it down too.

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