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Highchair for titchy tots?

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VeryHungryKatypillar Wed 29-Oct-08 11:32:09

DD is quite small for her age and the highchair which we have borrowed from a friend simply dwarfs her. She can't get close to the tray and it doesn't pull close to the kitchen table cos its base is mahoosive. Her little legs barely dangle from the seat.

Is this to be expected with 6.5 mo or are there highchairs out there which can adjust for my (really) little one?

Any advice gratefully received.

mmelody Wed 29-Oct-08 11:38:16

My DS is tiny and the Ikea antilop is fab. It comes with a detachable blow up cushion thingy and cost about £14. Bargain! He is 15 months and its still going strong and has no nast nooks and crannies.

RaspberryBlower Wed 29-Oct-08 11:43:47

My dd is quite small and we have the ikea one. You can get a blow up cushion thing which makes it really quite snug. It's also cheap, portable and easy to clean. Or could you take her somewhere where they've got them set up and try her in different ones?

RaspberryBlower Wed 29-Oct-08 11:45:38

mmelody - you got there first!

VeryHungryKatypillar Wed 29-Oct-08 17:29:08

I had wondered about the antilop as had seen it mentioned on here so much - but thought it might not be so good as not adjustable. Ikea is miles away and I notice they don't sell the insert or tray online - how did your lo's manage when they were 6/7 months old?

passedwitsend Wed 29-Oct-08 17:59:50

Hiya. My little one is 5 months and I got her the Antilop about 3 weeks ago. She's tiny for her age (not yet 13lb) and she is really comfortable in it. I've got the blow up cushion thingy which keeps her nicely propped up and she can easily reach the tray etc.

RaspberryBlower Wed 29-Oct-08 18:29:11

My is not 6 months yet and she doesn't even need the cushion really. It's a pain about them not selling the tray or the cushion online.

BirdyArms Wed 29-Oct-08 18:35:07

If you buy it online VHK I woud happily send you my cushion. I was given it by a friend but ds2, who was quite small for his age, didn't ever need it. CAT me if you'd like it.

ummadam Thu 30-Oct-08 09:48:24

DS sat in his antilop from 5months (when according to my red book he was just 6kg and 60cm tall!) he was able to sit unsupported by then so we didn't use the cushion support at first anyway and then used a mothercare highchair insert thingy when he was sitting in it for meals so that it was a bit more comfortable on his bum!

ummadam Thu 30-Oct-08 09:49:49

ps - found out today that it is much less messy to take the tray off and pull him right up to the table to eat.

DeJaVousdoo Thu 30-Oct-08 09:50:22

Another vote for the Antilopsmile

VeryHungryKatypillar Fri 31-Oct-08 20:32:33

Thanks all - and thanks BirdyArms for your very kind offer. I think we'll have to take a trip to Ikea to get the tray, and they would charge me about £7.00 postage if I bought it online anyway. But thanks all the same, very kind of you.

Sounds like the Antilop is the highchair of choice!

pushchair Fri 31-Oct-08 20:41:07

I found that although not perfect my daughter sat very well in a chicco clip on seat. She didnt slip down like in her highchair. I have no idea why. She was around 5 mnths.

Caz10 Sat 01-Nov-08 22:56:18

I had a teeny tiny tot - until she started eating! grin

at 6mths dd was on the 0.4th/25th centile for weight and quite long - we have a Tripp Trapp at home with baby insert, it's been fantastic, very secure - but obviously at the total other end of the price scale from the antilop! Worth it though as it doesn't take up a lot of space in our wee house. Grannies have the antilop and again it is wonderful too.

Caz10 Sat 01-Nov-08 22:57:30

oh - yes- both can get pulled right up to the table, obv no tray on the tripp trapp and antilop it depends on table height, or you can take the tray off i think

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