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Rash when ds eats dairy / animal fats

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decaffeinated Fri 24-Oct-08 20:29:46


Just wondered whether anyone else's child has had a rash around the mouth & chin area after eating dairy / animal fats?

We've been weaning for about 4 weeks now (he's almost 7 months), and he's taking to eating very well. As soon as he hit 6 months, I just gradually began introducing all kinds of foods - a combo of what we're eating, and mashed up veg & fruit.

I've just started giving him a bit of cheese, petit filous, and butter on toast, and he loves it, but every time he eats it, he gets a little rash around his mouth.

The rash is normally dried up by the morning, but is quite unsightly, and I wondered whether he'll grow out of it / I ought to stop giving him dairy / animal products for a while.

Also, what can I put on the rash to help heal it?

Anyone else experienced this / have any advice?

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