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When is the latest I can start weaning without depriving my son?

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Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 13:45:51

DS has dreadful reflux, which is aggravated with solids. I've tried feeding him butternut squash yesterday and today and he is freaking out in pain. He is 25 weeks and his reflux is more controllable when just on breast milk. How long can I leave it until he has to have solids without him missing out on the iron he needs?

hermykne Thu 23-Oct-08 13:47:31

how long is he on solids? and what did you introduce when?
do you want to stop the breastfeeding?

wontbepreggersagain Thu 23-Oct-08 13:50:27

speak to your peadiatrician- have you not had a dietetics referal? it depends on medications as they all have different effects and some foods just work better.

Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 13:52:14

I have tried him on baby rice for the last four days and he has only had the butternut squash that I gave him yesterday (resulting in arched back screaming for two hours) and at 12.30 today (with the same affect).

I don't want to give up breast feeding, ideally for ten months, but I may change my mind if he starts biting with the new teeth he's starting to cut!

Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 14:00:24

I've had reflux diagnosed by my gp and he gave me gaviscon, which also put him in great pain as it locked the gripe inside him. I stopped using it as it was just less painful for him to bring up the milk and get it out. I haven't seen anyone about it since, but I'm lost on who to t6urn to regarding weaning him now that it evidentally gives him so much grief.

Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 14:02:09


Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 14:03:46


Leda Thu 23-Oct-08 14:13:47

Sorry your baby was in so much pain.

People used to wean much later I think, around nine months; and breastmilk is meant to remain the main source of nutrition until a year (food just for exploring tastes etc.). So I think you could safely leave it for a while and try again later.

combustiblelemon Thu 23-Oct-08 14:18:38

I wouldn't panic about weaning for now, just keep on BF. I think it's more important to go to your GP and get a specialist referal.

Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 14:18:48

thanks leda. it's what i want to hear

witchandchips Thu 23-Oct-08 14:22:00

For my ds it was the early weaning period that was the worst, his stomach couldn't cope with the extra volume. Looking back i think it was the AK/GF procedure where you give some milk, then food, then more milk that did it. Once he was on proper meals + not purees he was much much better

Next time i'll simply offer some finger food (more calories per unit of bulk then purees) + give them well after a milk feed.

Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 14:27:25

thanks witch. do you think i could leave weaning for another month and then miss\out the puree stge in favour of finger food or are purees a stage they have to go through? (sorry typing with onr hand)

hermykne Thu 23-Oct-08 14:29:25

leda i think you could wait another little while, go to your doc and a good progressive hv re weaning. i do remeber there is a stage of introducing diff things, perhaps anabel karmel might be one to look at for ideas.

MrsJamin Thu 23-Oct-08 14:30:48

hi popzie, my DS has only really been eating good quantities since he was 8.5 MO - he's now 9.5 MO. He hasn't really dropped any milk yet - so I would encourage you to exclusively BF as long as you think your baby needs. I would definitely miss out the puree stage beyond 6 months - it's pretty unnecessary and I just did 'baby led weaning', it's great and your baby shows you when they are ready to eat. I would get your DS checked out by a specialist though as well.

witchandchips Thu 23-Oct-08 14:35:46

no don't need to do puree stage at all, can go straight to finger food doing blw. Usually ready for this at 26 weeks. Great thing about this for reflux babies is they take it slowly + so are unlikely to overload their tummies

wontbepreggersagain Thu 23-Oct-08 14:48:24

tbh if his reflux is that bad you should be seen by a specialist- ask your gp for a referal, the specialist will then help you find suitable medication (ranitidine for example) and can ask for a dieticians input.

i have had three babies with SEVERE reflux and the thought of not having support from our pediatrician gives me the heebies grin i can't believe your gp hasn't done anything further- is your ds growing properly?

Popzie Thu 23-Oct-08 21:21:14

So far my DS is growing properly and is a little chubby cherib depsite chucking up his milk all day long. However, I know I've been a bit lax not looking for help with this, so I will go to the docs about it tomorrow. I'll also look into BLW - which is a completely new thing to me. Thanks all...

wontbepreggersagain Fri 24-Oct-08 09:38:10

in that case def get it checked- most reflux babies are slow gainers until they have it under control- so at least he is doing ok on that front smile. best to see a paed- it may not be classic reflux- could be allergies etc. it can be heartbreaking to see a fountain of your precious milk ending up on the floor can't it! i also pity your washing machine- mine decided it was being worked too hard and gave up!

good luck with a referal smile

witchandchips Fri 24-Oct-08 17:01:41

wontbepreggersagain many reflux babies actually put on weight fine; it is just less a cause for concern as you only have their pain + the extra washing to deal with rather than to make sure they have enough to est

TinkerBellesMum Sat 25-Oct-08 00:10:02

You may find that by waiting the extra week or so and doing BLW that there is a big difference. In answer to your original question there is no window, six months is very early compared to our history and even today around the world. As long as you keep nursing to demand he will be OK.

Oh and don't worry about the teeth, you may have to retrain his mouth to it's new shape but it happens quite quickly and each new tooth is quicker.

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