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How do I get DS, 19mo, to eat vegetables?

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RoRoMommy Wed 22-Oct-08 11:39:27

He won't go near them. If I put dressing on them, he licks it off and chucks the veg. The only thing that has worked is pureeing them--in pasta sauce, he'll eat the pasta and get the veg in the sauce, or I can spoon feed him the puree, but only if he's starving and its mixed with stock. But a veg in its normal shape? Completely outside of his willingness to consider.

Do I continue feeding him pureed veg or are there other possibilities?


FangolinaJolly Wed 22-Oct-08 11:43:55

ds 5 is a fussy veg eater.He eats broccoli,carrots (Have to be raw!) and cauliflower,nowt else.Blardy annoying angry

dd eats everything and anything.shock

My only sucess re ds was spaghetti bolognaise,I hide the veg.I chop celery,peppers, etc really fine,and add grated carrot to it.

Watches thread with interest.

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