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Early baby and cows milk question

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pandaiis Wed 22-Oct-08 00:32:33

Just some quick advice needed.Ds was born 5 weeks early and will be a year in a couple of days. Should I wait the extra 5 weeks before giving him cows milk as a main drink?? He's a brilliant appetite and has loads of calcium/iron in his diet but more worried about him losing out on calories as he was low birthweight (now average on 50th centile) but have to admit kinda looking forward to not faffing aound with bottles anymore.

And how much milk is it they've to drink after a year??

benandgerry Wed 22-Oct-08 13:51:27

No need to wait another 5 weeks if eating OK. Birth to Five Book says 3 portions of dairy a day from 1yr, which is equivalent to approx 12 oz but doesn't have to be milk, could be yoghurt, cheese etc. Too much dairy can fill babies up and stop them eating other foods.

pandaiis Wed 22-Oct-08 15:28:59

Brilliant thanks very much for the reply benandgerry. Have to have a look see where I've left my birth to five book.

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