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BLW-ers 1yo and on the final stretch. What do you think of this? (long!)

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pinkmunkee Sun 19-Oct-08 09:50:51

Ok, so it's all gone pretty well so far, barring teething and sickness disruptions my DS has made his way into the world of solid eating with glee. I have gradually dropped the milk feeds during the day as his intake of solids has increased and he has been quite happy.

We are just left with BFing morning and evening which is what I was aiming for at this stage.

My problem is during the night. He wakes frequently (always has) and I am not going to do cc-ing so am trying other sleep training techniques with various success. The problem is that recently he seems to be feeding more at night. He'll sometime have a feed a 12ish then at 4ish and still want his morning feed at 6. He has a full feed so it doesn't seem like habit- other times I can get him back to sleep with rocking, patting etc.

It seems to me he eats a lot during the day-
7.30: porridge
10.30: something bready- cheese on toast/ sandwichy etc
1: fruity/ yoghurty thing with cereal bar/ rice cakes etc
4ish: evening meal: meat/ rice/ pasta thing with veg etc
6: milk feed as part of bedtime routine

This is obviously an approximation! I find if I feed him much later than 4/ 4.30 he starts to lose it with tiredness and won't eat so at the mo I'm stuck with an earlier tea but he really does shovel it down! I'll often give him yoghurt and/ or a milky desert at this meal to just to make sure all gaps are filled!

Do you think he really is hungry in the night? Should I try harder to drop these feeds? Or is he thirsty (I do offer water which he'll sometimes have instead, but not always)? Am I missing something? I'm happy to continue them if he needs them but I do find it exhausting and would prefer to drop them if he's ready.

TIA [smile}

TheProvincialLady Sun 19-Oct-08 09:55:53

He could probably manage another couple of snacks - dried fruit, toast, cheese, cucumber, oat cakes, that sort of thing. But otherwise no, I doubt he is very hungry at night and the feeds are possibly more for comfort. There is nothing wrong with that but I can see how it would be inconvenient for you. If he has no feeds in the day maybe he is missing the comfort from those? If you fed during the day do you think it would have an impact on the number of night feeds? What is his fluid intake like during the day?

muddler Sun 19-Oct-08 11:13:55

This is exactly like my 1 yo ds. He barely drinks during the day so I always assumed that he is making up for no day feeds.
Don't have any advice for you I'm afraid, but just to let you know that your ds is not alone!
One thing different though, I give ds his evening meal at 5.30, sometimes 6 if I am working. He still has a big milk feed at 7 and asleep at 7.30. Could you try moving his evening meal a little at a time to see if that helps him sleep longer before waking?

pinkmunkee Sun 19-Oct-08 12:17:54

He drinks sips of water throughout the day, a bit more with meals. It's hard to say how much exactly though I have my suspicions it's not enough. I thought about giving him another day feed but tbh I'd rather not start those again as I'm really enjoying not producing meals with both hands and boobs!

Good to know I'm not alone, muddler! I have tried to do the evening meal later as 4pm feels like the middle of the afternoon but he seriously loses it! Screams, throws food on floor, won't eat anything. He used to have an afternoon sleep which meant he was more with it and dinner could be later but he's reluctant to go to sleep later now, so too tired IYSWIM.

I think I'm going to try more snacks and more liquids (not sure how yet) and see what happens.

Thanks for the chance to reflect.

luvaduck Sun 19-Oct-08 12:37:28

we are in a similar boat - my 13mo ds woke last night at 11, 3 and 5 for BF, arrghh.
our issue i think is that he has too much breastmilk over 24 hours so isn't very hungry for food, and then wakes up wanting more BF in night.

how about moving his protein meal to lunchtime and carbs to evening - as carbs are more sleep inducing.

also i wonder if he needs a cup of milk in the day - ie when he wakes up from 2nd nap, and then you may be able to delay his dinner a bit.

yomellamoHelly Sun 19-Oct-08 12:55:18

Ditto luvaduck. I'd give him his main meal at midday and the lighter meal at teatime.

I'd also offer toast / yoghurt / fruit / pancakes to go with the breakfast and offer a snack mid morning and mid afternoon. I aim for fruit in the morning and crackers / rice cakes / breadsticks in the afternoon. In the morning I'd offer squash or water. In the afternoon milk. The I think you'd be able to push tea time back half an hour.

One snooze before 10:30 sounds very early too. So no wonder he's struggling by teatime.

luvaduck Sun 19-Oct-08 13:04:36

i think he has another snooze after lunch as well

pinkmunkee Sun 19-Oct-08 13:08:36

Thanks ladies-

He has to have a snooze early because he's so exhausted from waking at 5am! The sleep is a whole other issue. I'd love it if he could go for longer in the morning but he's just not able to at the mo.

I thought protein was an appetite suppressant?

luvaduck Sun 19-Oct-08 13:25:52

not sure about that to be honest, but he does need some protein if you are tring to cut out BF, and its often recommended at lunchtime

what we are trying to do, which worked a few months ago before this relapse is slowly night wean.

basically because he is feeding in the night, he will wake up the same time roughly, wanting it because his digestive system has got into the habit of working at night IYSWIM

so try this - time how long he feeds for in the night for each feed, and then each night reduce by 1 or 2 mins. we found that ds didn't complain as it was so gradual and then he just dropped feeds by himself. bingo.

we need to do it again as any setback (teething, illness) i just BF him in the night again and back to square one. its painful as you have to stay awake during night BFs but so worth it in the long run. as a result of this thread i am going to try offering more snacks in the day though

good luck!

pinkmunkee Sun 19-Oct-08 14:56:07

Thanks luvaduck! And good luck to you!

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