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6.5 month old breastfeeding all night and not that interested on solids

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Gangle Sat 18-Oct-08 20:39:42

Started weaning DS, 6.5 months, just over 2 weeks ago. He's eating a bit but not much but, in that time, as stopped drinking much milk during the day (he is EBF) and started feeding all night, well, about 3 times a night. Really not sure how to approach this. Although I'm shattered, I don't want to not feed him as he seems genuinely hungry as he hasn't drunk much all day. However, if I try to get him to drink more during the day then he isn't interested in food. Vicious circle really. He's just cut his first tooth and I read earlier on a different thread that this can lead to night feeding. Anyone know if this is really the case or give any advice on how to deal?

Shooflypie Sat 18-Oct-08 22:00:11

My DS is the same age as yours, so I am not speaking from experience but FWIW here's what I am doing with him: offering him the breast more often than normal. This is because he is so distractible now, I feel he often breaks off from a feed before he's taken as much as needs. I'm offering solids at times when he is playing, so it's more about exploration - ie trying to keep the two things apart for the moment. It feels to me like he is taking the solids on top of the BM.

Don't know about the night waking other than to offer this: I got some great advice on here (especially from Victorian Squalour, thank you again!) about this which is to make sure that your DS is getting enough sleep during the day. Mine suddenly started feeding through the night, which I'd assumed was connected with hunger. However, with the advice above, I made sure he got good quality naps during the day (which for DS now means not in the pushchair anymore) and he went back to sleeping through pretty much straight away.

pinkmunkee Sun 19-Oct-08 09:31:50

Hi Gangle, this all sounds very normal! I agree with shooflypie, really.

My DS is 1yo now and when we started weaning I learned to make sure he'd had his usual milk feed then about an hour or so later gave him some food to play with, with no pressure. Took him a while to get into solids, then he did have a phase of going off milk, but it all evened out in the end. The night feeds could be teething- if he's uncomfy he may be looking for comfort, but TBH if you know he's not getting enough milk during the day it's more likely that.

Someone on here one told me that the best thing about weaning was you have 6months to get it right so you could just take your time. That was such a relief to me as I was feeling like I suddenly had to get all this food down him which he just wasn't ready for. When I eased off, it all came much more naturally.

HTH smile

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