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Trying to be nice to others on "other" sites isn't worth it, is it?!

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jop64 Wed 15-Oct-08 21:33:38

I know the whole Bounty vs MN weaning debate has died down and I'm not trying to reignite the fire but I posted on a question in 4-6 today and got accused of giving grief, even though I though I'd been nice!! Have a look here if you're interested!!

forevared Thu 16-Oct-08 11:07:26

I know nothing about the whole Bounty vs MN thing but blimey! Talk about jump down your throat!
Nicely said though jop64

SharpMolarBear Thu 16-Oct-08 11:18:45

Oh ffs
Some people could be insulted by "Good morning"
"What do you mean? Are you suggesting I'm late? Or look as though I've just got out of bed?"

stretchmarkSCREAM Thu 16-Oct-08 11:29:53

Seems to have settled though. smile Good calm responses though jop! She seemed pretty decent too. I can understand why some people get defensive, it may seem we are a bit agressive to some, but it's only inflamed by people saying, ffs weaning again...groan etc...!
Ooooh, thank god I can swear again!!

stretchmarkSCREAM Thu 16-Oct-08 11:30:37

aggressive blush

Becky77 Thu 16-Oct-08 11:31:22

The girl apologised for being defensive and said thank you for your advice so why are you starting a thread about it here? Jeez!

brightongirldownunder Thu 16-Oct-08 11:32:14

You're very brave.
I really couldn't have done that. Jesus - I feel a bit sick after reading what some of the posters were saying. I'm not a snob, but STRAWBERRIES at that age. sad

stretchmarkSCREAM Thu 16-Oct-08 11:33:38

er becky, she started this thread yesterday and today they sorted it out. hmm

Becky77 Thu 16-Oct-08 11:35:11

Oh right, my turn to apologise *takes foot out of mouth* blush

stretchmarkSCREAM Thu 16-Oct-08 11:37:31

grin Sorry for the hmm!

Flightattendant2 Thu 16-Oct-08 11:37:32

God that is just horrrible. I looked at some of the other threads and the text speak was argggghhhhhhhh

It reminds me of primary school. Kind of getting jumped on because you talk in proper language and are not thick as f*ck. You weren't being patronising. Some people just have a huge chip on their shoulder.

I think you are well brave just to go in there personally. smile

Flightattendant2 Thu 16-Oct-08 11:38:49

Yes I'm glad it got sorted out.

Becky77 Thu 16-Oct-08 11:39:23

No worries

jop64 Thu 16-Oct-08 12:02:33

All's well that ends well - this is what we've all been trying to do - offer a bit of well researched help to those who haven't got the same information. I just wish all the threads could have turned out nicely like this one has

brightongirldownunder Thu 16-Oct-08 12:06:05

Lovely mumsie hugs to one and all wink

Flightattendant2 Thu 16-Oct-08 12:09:19

It is really sad to see the level of ignorance on some posts though sad

Just upsetting. They're nice people obviously but there's a big lack of education. Why does it have to be this way?

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