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Non eating one year old - help!

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helenabeth Wed 15-Oct-08 14:42:06

DS2 used to be a good eater, then started refusing all home cooked food about a month ago. Tried not to feel hurt (!) and offered plenty of finger food, jars etc instead. Today he's eaten half of one Cheerio, one petit filous and had some milk. That's it. And it seems to be getting worse every day. It's driving me insane - I've tried all the usual tactics of offering the same as us (we all eat together), letting him feed me, letting him tip stuff all over the floor etc. He hasn't lost weight but is still a pretty poor sleeper. PLEASE tell me this isn't unusual - never had any of this with DS1. Thanks.

Pruners Wed 15-Oct-08 14:43:50

Message withdrawn

MurderousMarla Wed 15-Oct-08 14:45:04

My 11.5 month old has been like this lately - it's hard but I am just tryin to ignore it and wait for it to pass - v frustrating at times! I have read that their appetite drops around this age for a bit as their weight gain begins to level, so I am just waiting for it to pick up again...

helenabeth Wed 15-Oct-08 20:25:49

Thanks - am trying to do the same, but a month seems too long to be a phase....... There are times when I can just accept it and times when I want to cry with frustration.

nowwearefour Wed 15-Oct-08 20:28:44

my phase with dd1 lasted 4-5 months. with dd2 has been here for a couple of months already. just keep on offering. he will be fine. try not to worry although is v v annoying re sleep! i basically offer something proper for lunch then something i know she will eat more of (even if still not much) at tea to try to ensure better night's sleep!

moocowme Wed 15-Oct-08 21:30:43

yes mine is just like this at 1. if he was hungry i guess he would eat so i leave him to it. just keep showing him food every now and then thru the day. sometimes he has some sometimes he does not.

I have found that he eats his breakfast better when in the car on the way to work with me. he eats more for dinner if he eats with us and he chooses what he wants from my plate. he eats loads of pasta this way.

he has reverted back to having more milk but his teeth are still causing him problems and i would think that he is finding cold milk very comforting.

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