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Used to love dinner - now going crazy and barely eating a spoonful, help!

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isaacsma Wed 08-Oct-08 19:26:15

After a bit of reassurance as ds had been weaning like a dream. Kicked off with the baby rice after he started waking in the night again (bless him he's been sleeping through for a while). Progressed on through the myriad veg / fruit combos with a bit of fish and chicken thrown in for good measure and all went fine. But for the past couple of days dinner has been a crazy festival of screaming. Not sure if it's his teeth but he's even off his usual favourites - inc the tasty fruity treats he sometimes has for breakfast with no trouble.

Tried bf before he ate this evening in case it was because he was thirsty post afternoon nap but the same result. He woke up at 3 am last night for a bf and will prob do the same tonight, joy!

Lots of dribbling for ages now but no joy with the teeth action (he's 6 mo) so maybe this is why. What do you reckon?

P.S. Going back to work in a few weeks, just for a couple of days a week and wondering whether to try to get him onto bottles for the childminder or try to express - any thoughts on this other little quandary greatly appreciated. All getting v confusing...

FrayedKnot Wed 08-Oct-08 19:42:30

Teeth. Definitely.

Just try and slot in a couple more BF and see if he fancies anything tomorrow?

It took me ages to cotton onto this with DS and much angst.

Sorry I don;t have any experience of the long will he be at the CM for?

FKelly Wed 08-Oct-08 19:54:03

When we have blips with meal times it's always been teeth problems. Unfortunately DS has suffered with all his teeth coming through... this is what we've tried...
My son (now 26months) has been teething on and off since he was 4/5 months... he'll get a load at once and then none for ages

To start off with:- the gel filled teething rings cold from the fridge worked. As teething worsened we did the frozen banana batons, frozen mango slices & any of his other favourite fruits that froze! Cucumber batons from fridge also a fav (minus the skin).

When they stopped helping we moved on to the fridge cold metal spoons... they really helped cut the teeth through (my health visitor suggested this one, i was sceptical and thought it would be too hard but was wrong on that & in the end we ended up keeping a few in the fridge to rotate!).

Really hard biscuits are good too... we have one in uk for teething called 'Bickiepegs' and we tried the ashtons & parsons teething powders

All of above helped with front 8 teeth (4 top & 4 bottom). The incisors and molars came next and needed combination of hard cold things to chew and teething gel of choice... one we use is dentinox teething gel as it numbs the gums and doesn't taste like bonjella and i could use it when he was v.little (under 6months). I found easiest way to apply it is with a rubber finger tooth brush r+toothbrush%26ie%3Dutf-8%26oe%3Dutf-8%26aq%3Dt%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla%3Aen-GB%3Aofficial%26client%3Dfi refox-a
just apply a bit to the 'bristles' and let baby chew while it's on your finger.

These days it's his last 4 back molars to come through and none of the above really fixes it so it's dentinox to take the edge off and going straight for a dose of calpol paracetamol to ease the pain.

Thank goodness these are the last for the moment for us! I hope our teething problems help you

isaacsma Wed 08-Oct-08 20:04:37

Thanks for the reassurance both and for the very comprehensive info - will def give this a go!

He'll only be with the cm on thursday and friday so whilst am reluctant to give up bf during the day still a bit nervous about pumping enough to keep him going (esp if we're having teething issues) will need to ponder on that one...

EmmaPJs Mon 20-Oct-08 10:58:47

Thanks for all the advice on teething. I will definitely use banana batons for my Tilly. Poor thing, teething seems to go on for an age.
I also find Nurofen to be great for reducing teething fever quickly. Calpol is brilliant for pain but, if you have a high temp problem like I did with Gwennie (my four year old) last night, Nurofen for Children is fantastic.
Found this website which gives more advice.

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