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Poorly 8mth old and off savoury foods.

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Martha200 Wed 08-Oct-08 00:07:05

Dc has had a cold/cough thing for a week now, and life in terms of food consists of his milk, just up to 2.5 7oz bottles today (so a huge improvement on last few days of not much at all) but when it comes to food not interested unless it's a bit of cheese, fromage frais or banana. I am scared he wont go back to loving savoury like he did, but today it was just spitting it out like I'd given shite.

I am sure my first child did something similiar but I can't remember how I dealt with it. I 've given him food to pick up himself but not interested unless it's sweet.

Any thoughts? I imagine his throat might be not so great, but I hope he gets over this and accepts the savoury back in!

pamelat Wed 08-Oct-08 11:16:05

Not sure if its much help (I am a first time mum) but my DD was poorly a fortnight ago and went off solids, except for fruit pots, totally.

I just let her have her milk (3 bottles a day) and two fruit pots and as soon as she was better she has chosen to up her food intake, she is happily eating savoury again now.

Martha200 Thu 09-Oct-08 11:10:13

Thanks pamelat, eating more today, so he will get there I am sure

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