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9 month old (nearly) and sausages?

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pamelat Tue 07-Oct-08 09:51:26

Can she have them? They are proper pork ones from the butcher, was going to make sausages and mash but have been told by a friend that they have too much salt for babies?

pamelat Tue 07-Oct-08 13:56:43

have given her one anyway (less than half a sausage) she loved it.

SoloTheCharmedOne Tue 07-Oct-08 13:58:02

Yep! my lo loves sausages. I used to skin them once cooked though at that young age because she couldn't cope with them, but sausages are fine IME.

SoloTheCharmedOne Tue 07-Oct-08 13:59:32

Meant to say, I didn't think about the salt content, but we don't add salt to anything at all in my household, so not much taken anyway.

LadyOfWaffle Tue 07-Oct-08 14:00:42

Prob. alot less salt than a jar of baby food. Esp. if they are good quality, it's fine

pamelat Tue 07-Oct-08 14:06:28

Thank you. I did take the skin off at the last minute as was a bit worried about chocking.

She would have had a whole sausage but I ate the rest of it with her!

pamelat Tue 07-Oct-08 14:07:05


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