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LO has cold and now off food completely

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rubyblue Mon 06-Oct-08 20:40:29

Any advice on how to get LO aged 8 months interested in food again? He has had conjunctivitus and a cough and cold for a 10 days now. He went off his food a week ago, especially lumpy stuff which seemed to irritate his throat so I ended up giving him yoghurt and pureed fruits, which he now prefers of course to anything savoury. Tried pureed veggies today and he took it but vomited whole lot back up. I'm worried he's not getting enough protein as he refuses pureed chicken. He's still taking milk and should have at least 18 oz a day but he's now cut back on this too.

How can I get him back on track with proper food? He seems happy otherwise.

MrsJamin Mon 06-Oct-08 20:45:54

how about some tasty finger food like philly on toast? we did baby-led weaning so I'm not very clued up with puree-style ideas.

MegBusset Mon 06-Oct-08 20:47:11

I think it's quite common for this to happen. DS before the age of a year went through phases where he wasn't interested in solids at all.

I would stick with milk for now, then in a couple of days go back to basics with some easy food. Maybe he would prefer to nibble at some finger food like toast, rice cakes etc?

rubyblue Mon 06-Oct-08 20:50:50

I gave him cheese tonight which he seemed to like sucking on but not sure how much he actually ate! Weirdly he doesn't like toast, or seems bemused by it but bread sticks work for him.

Thanks for tips.

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