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Herbal tea

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MadameOvary Sun 05-Oct-08 10:49:59

DD (27 weeks) is very windy. First started introducing purees at 23 weeks. Very basic stuff, baby rice, Ella's Organic. Just eating solids once a day till now and feeding on demand. Doesnt seem like she eats very much but weight is fine, about 60th centile
I just gave her some peppermint tea, very diluted obviously. She made a face but then took another spoonful.

Is herb tea ok at this age or is wind just part of being a baby? She has never slept through and is often wakened by wind, arching back etc.

madmarriedNika Sun 05-Oct-08 12:18:27

My DD has cystic fibrosis and is as a result very prone to wind. She has been having fennel tea and camomile tea since she was 3 months old (recommended by other cf mums and our medical herbalist). Fennel tea in particular helps with wind. It shouldn't cause her any problems and could help.

We also use probiotic powders as often wind is caused by a lack of good flora/fauna in the gut. From 3 months DD has had twice daily half a teaspoon of Acidophilus powder (we use this one, strawberry flavour, as can be used with young babies). You can put the powder on food/purees as they seem to like this. Definitely helped DD's wind greatly.

The other thing we found was that baby rice really bunged her up so avoided it, instead I used oats ground up (or ready brek) mixed with expressed milk or formula in the early days.

Good luck xx

MadameOvary Sun 05-Oct-08 13:50:16

Thanks mmN! I did worry about baby rice being a culprit but was concerned that I could be talking myself out of everything. Fennel tea was my first choice but online shop didnt have any and i thought DD wouldnt like the taste. Will def try her with it asap tho.

How do you give the tea, spoon or cup, ie do you give it like medicine?

madmarriedNika Sun 05-Oct-08 16:08:58

I used to give it to her in a doidy cup (any open cut will do though)- and I admit I used to add a little bit of sugar to it blush to make it a bit more palatable. But after a few goes she would take it without sugar.
Otherwise sometimes I could make the tea with peppermint tea as well so the peppermint would disguise the taste a little (same with camomile). Once over a year old I've added honey to the teas.

Good luck !

madmarriedNika Sun 05-Oct-08 16:09:26

cup not cut of course! blush

MadameOvary Sun 05-Oct-08 22:23:55

OK cool i will have to get a Doidy cup. She was so fidgetty and hyper at bedtime that I tried giving her water in a bottle as she couldnt BF without nipping me, not intentionally. Then I felt bad, like I was cheating her out of a feed. She did take about an oz tho which amazed me, I thought she would spit it out. I also added some gripe later on.
Obviously I know that water should only be given at mealtimes and not in a bottle but I just wanted to distract her long anough to calm down.
In the end I had to put her in the cot and leave the room. She started crying pretty quickly so I waited exactly two minutes then went in lifted her out and put her straight on the boob. This worked as she was so tired she calmed down and started to feed.

I think she is getting overtired as well as windy, not a great combination!

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