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When should I give food (as in time of the day)

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sunshine75 Wed 01-Oct-08 09:13:50

DD is 23 weeks and I 'm thinking about starting weaning in a couple of weeks. She is bf and a small baby (2nd centile) and not very greedy. So I'm thinking about when would be best to introduce food. I fear that if I give her milk first then she will not want any solids afterwards. Does this seem like a good idea (once solids are established)

7am - milk
8ish - breakfast
mid morning - milk
12ish - lunch
1.30ish - milk
mid afternoon - milk
5ish - dinner
7ish- milk

As I'm bf I have no idea how much milk she is taking but obviously I don't want her to reduce milk too early.

How do you manage the timings of your day?

MrsJamin Wed 01-Oct-08 09:45:00

Milk will be the main source of energy and nutrition until your DD is 1 - give milk feed first then a little while after offer some solids. I found the "baby-led weaning" method suited me - this is offering finger foods so your baby can feed themselves - this lets them go at their own pace. So when you eat, offer some to your baby (put food down in front of her and see whether she picks it up). If you are BF this should fit in well. This is a longer explanation that I found helpful and a MNer called Aitch has a forum and blog which are uber-useful-

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