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6 month old will eat and eat and eat - how do I know when to stop him?

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Paranoid1stTimer Fri 26-Sep-08 08:08:55

LO is now 6 months and has been gaining weight very slowly since starting weaning. The problem is that HV says he will eat as much as he needs then turn his head away or close his mouth when he is full.... He is never full. He will eat and eat and eat and I don't think he would stop unless he was sick!!!

How do I know how much to feed him? He is going to be getting chicken soon so that he gets some protein so hopefully this will help. He still gets all his usual milk feeds although the last thing at night one isnt going too well at the moment!!!

Thanks for any advice...

Oblomov Fri 26-Sep-08 08:14:46

I don't know if this would be considered bad advice from a medical point of view, but I would just go with it.
Let him eat as much as he likes. If he starts to put on too much weight rapidly, this will show when you have him weighed, and you can discuss it with HV.
There are zillions of threads on Mn for children and babies that won't eat. My ds has always had a very healthy appetite. There is nothing of him. I count myself as very lucky.

broguemum Fri 26-Sep-08 21:51:31

I was worried about this with DS and so I switched to BLW as my theory was that if he feeds himself he will stop when he is full. Now, when more food goes on the floor or is thrown at me than goes into his mouth I stop offering more. HTH.

bambi06 Fri 26-Sep-08 22:02:37

you wouldn t believe how much my little one .now 1 eats and always has eaten!!! ye the hardly puts on weight...i let him decide and often after hes eaten a huge tea ..he will eat more when he sees my other two eat and then an hour later down a 9 oz bottl eplus stillcant go all night without an 8 oz bottle[and trust me ive tried!]

likessleep Fri 26-Sep-08 22:20:07

My 11mth old DS is exactly the same, particularly with mushier food, like fish pie or shepherds pie. Any veg sticks, he takes much longer over!

I agree with broquemum - it requires more effort to feed themselves, so I am now giving finger foods much more. My DS definitely starts throwing food on the floor/pushing it around his tray once he's had enough (although at this point, he will still take spooned food as though there is no tomorrow!).

I try to give roughly the portions of jarred food (even though I cook myself) and lots of veg (as I know he gets plenty of protein).

Also, I try to make sure that he takes his time, so he gets the feeling of being full.
I even have to 'monitor' his food - he will literally pick up veg bits I put in front of him, stuff them all his cheeks at once and then find it difficult to chew grin. So, I have to put a bit out, let him eat it, then another bit out, he eats that bit.

Crikey, reading all of this back, I look like a mean mummy! He definitely eats well and is often described as chubby/good size etc etc, but some babies do just eat and eat and eat. I think if they do eat fast, the recognition they are full might happen too late!

PS funny how these are all boys ...

TeenyTinyTorya Fri 26-Sep-08 22:30:20

My ds will also eat and eat, and I didn't know when to stop him. I just give him his meal and let him feed himself, and he seems happy with the amount I give him, but I find it hard to know if he's really hungry, or just eats anyway!

HensMum Sun 28-Sep-08 16:30:28

My DS is another bottomless pit. He is mostly spoonfed and would eat until he burst. When he is getting full, he'll slow down, play with his food, get distracted. More subtle signs that closing his mouth or turning his head!
I also have to do what likessleep does and put out fruit bit by bit otherwise he'd cram a whole banana down in 2 secs.

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