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Spits everything out at 11 mo - help!

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muddler Thu 25-Sep-08 15:25:59

I am at my wit's end with ds, who is 11.5 mo. He was such a good eater up until a few weeks ago and now he spits everything out and chucks it on the floor. Milk, water, toast, fruit - straight out.
I don't get him weighed much but did recently as his ribs are poking out, and he isn't gaining any more, he has dropped from 25th to 9th centile.
He is still bf morning, night and during the night, I try to get him to take formula from a cup during the day but he barely takes any.
I am so worried about him - I am already getting the "isn't he tiny" comments from other mums of bruisers... angry
Just another phase or should I get him checked out?

RhinestoneCowgirl Thu 25-Sep-08 15:30:07

Is his mouth sore? Could be teething or an illness. DS had Hand Foot and Mouth virus and really didn't eat anything for a week as he had blisters in his mouth (he was older than your DS tho...)

With the bm he's having he's not going to starve, but can understand how this must be worrying for you (especially with 'helpful' comments from others)

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