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First time giving carrot I have to cook them???

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sannie Thu 25-Sep-08 10:21:01

ds2 loves toast, pancake, egg bread, omelette etc but I have just realised I've never given veg as a finger food yet.....(he's 8.5)

So, stupid question i know, do i have to cook them?

Planning on giving carrot sticks, some veg and chickpea puree for lunch....

also I have a lovely ripe I mash this up and put it inbetween some toasted pitta for him as well????

went down the purree route with ds1 before he refused them so ds2's independent streak and love of feeding himself is new to me


mummyclare Thu 25-Sep-08 12:44:15

They really need molars to get through a raw carrot stick. To get them soft enough you have to really boil them until they are of little nutritional value - but hey it's educational for them still.

Peas and sweetcorn are a winner for finger food.

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