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Leftover chicken from roast - what recipe can I cook and freeze for 10mth old?

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Holymoly321 Mon 22-Sep-08 09:29:14

got lots of little bits of chicken that we stripped from the roast yesterday. What can i cook for my 10mth old that I can then freeze in portions?

RedHead81 Mon 22-Sep-08 16:40:33

no dont do this!
the chicken has already been cooked once - if you reheat it again to make the meal, and then freeze it, you will then have to reheat it a third time to give it to your baby and this is probably a great recipe for food poisoning.

cooking it well a second time after it has been in the fridge should be fine, but it will need to be eaten then - if you freeze it to reheat it, it will be full of bacteria - please dont.

Seona1973 Tue 23-Sep-08 10:35:18

you could make something and let it cool before adding the chicken and freezing - that way it wont be heated twice. AK has a couple of recipes using leftover chicken.

halogen Tue 23-Sep-08 10:59:05

It will be perfectly fine as long as the chicken was well-cooked the first time. There are no problems with freezing cooked food and reheating it that I'm aware of, as long as it's reheated thoroughly.

I'd make chicken risotto, personally. You can make a nice stock from the bones and make a plain risotto with a little onion and the chicken meat. It should be fine to freeze.

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