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Any baby foods out there with a significant protein/meat content?????

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horsygirl Fri 19-Sep-08 17:26:58

I'm really lucky as the only thing 7month old ds seems disgusted by is eggs so far!

My problem is this: for the moment I am unable to cook (hideous morning sickness) so I have put ds back onto jars off hipp, etc, organic this and that. He likes them well enough but they all seem very.... watery and not very substantial.

My weaning book says he should by now be eating a couple of ounces of protein, preferably meat, per day. Previously I have been batch cooking, pureeing and then seiving my meat and veg casseroles. But I just can't stomach this at 10 weeks pregnant!

Anyone recommend anything with more than 3% protein in it? He's getting hungry really quickly on these sloppy things!!!

MrsJamin Sun 21-Sep-08 09:08:26

Have you tried finger food? 7 MO don't really need slop - for protein I give 8 MO DS chunks of chicken, (good quality) beefburger or meatballs, fish fingers?

What's the weaning book you're following? They're pretty prescriptive and actually there aren't as many rules as they would like you to think there are. Is your DS BF or FF? If he's still having a good amount of milk I wouldn't worry too much about how much protein is in the food he's having.

Tinkjon Sun 21-Sep-08 14:10:13

I always thought that - 8% meat was the most I ever found in a jar. There is plenty that you can give him that doesn't need cooking though - mashed avocado, breadsticks with Philadelphia, toast with anything, lumps of cheese, tuna from a tin, yoghurt... could you face cooking pasta? Fusilli is easy for them to eat at this age - stir in some olive oil and grate some cheese and hey presto!

Finger foods only is fine at this age - no need to give any puree at all.

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