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Help this is a minefield...

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MadameOvary Thu 18-Sep-08 22:26:22

I have started inroducing solids to DD - after overdoing it a bit at first (3 meals = five dirty nappies!) we now have one meal a day which is puree.
She cant sit unsupported yet and will be 24weeks on Saturday. On average she gets half a Hipp jar and then is quite greedy for a BF.
She can grab things and put them in her mouth but doesnt want to grab the spoon.

Today because she was wailing so much with teething I held a chunk of chilled pear to her mouth, She loved it and started sucking on it furiously, at which point I got scared she would choke and took away the last bit.

Was it the cold she liked or the pear? And can babies choke on soft fruitif they bit eoff too much? She is eating the purees but making a face, not spitting them out but not wildly enthusiastic either. The pear went down very well.

She has never slept through and if I get a chunk of three hours I'm lucky. She's quite windy and has burped and farted loads after today's carrot and potato.

DP is telling me to take it easy but its so hard!

Janus Fri 19-Sep-08 08:53:16

It can be so hard when you start, not knowing how much, what food, etc. How about buying a book? I bought (whisper!) Lorraine Kelly's book and the recipes are so simple it was fab! I followed her timings, what to start with, etc.
Basically, you start with baby rice and pureed fruit or vegetables. The first thing is pureed pear so seems likey your would like that! Then make sure you introduce vegetables very early too such as carrot, sweet potatoes. If you get a book it tells you what time and how much to give. I really liked the structure of knowing what I should be doing and when but appreciate lots of other people just 'know' what to do!

MadameOvary Fri 19-Sep-08 18:01:12

Thanks Janus, its exhausting isnt it?

weebump Mon 22-Sep-08 00:01:21

There are lots of people here who will say 'just go for it' 'give her a bit of what you're having', but if you're at all nervous a book is good. I used Annabel Karmel's food planner and found it really helpful. Pretty soon I got my head around it, and relaxed and haven't followed her planner for a while (my lo's 9 months now) but still use the odd recipe. And I also try and give her a bit of what I'm having.

At 6 months most babies are good at finger foods, so soft veg and fruits are ideal - esp banana,, mango, really ripe pears, plum, avocado etc. She might gag but probably not choke. gagging is just a reflex if they move the food too far back in their throat, and they soon learn to munch and chew. Just don't react negatively and she should just carry on eating happily.

Best advice, of course, is 'food is fun until they're one', so don't fret about how much and how often to start with as long as milk remains the main food.

Good luck, relax and enjoy.

MadameOvary Mon 22-Sep-08 10:11:51

Thanks weebump, I would love to just give her what I'm having, but DP, as well as telling me to relax is full of scare stories about choking hmm so it kind of puts me off a bit.

weebump Mon 22-Sep-08 10:30:24

Don't listen to him. Baby has to learn how to walk, which will involve falling over. Baby has to learn how to eat, which will involve gagging. Only brittle things that can't be mashed by gums are risky for choking - nuts, raisins, whole grapes - anything that can be squished is fine. You might be surprised at how easily your lo handles food. Just take your time.

MadameOvary Mon 22-Sep-08 12:20:26

Yes I thought so too re soft food. I would love to do a bit of babyled weaning since DD ate that pear. Thats really useful info re gagging and makes me feel more confident - thank you!

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