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Slow/no weight gain in 11 mo

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nobodytoldme Thu 18-Sep-08 14:19:31

Just had ds weighed as I noticed his clothes a bit looser. He has put on about 4 oz in a month! I know there is no point being paranoid at this stage, but old habits die hard I'm afraid, compounded by DH wanting to fatten him up (doesn't want him to be weedy hmm)
His appetite is up and down and he is finding it more fun to squish/throw food on the floor. And he has been teething, we were on hols, had a cold.
So I know all the reasons why he has slow weight gain, but please words of encouragement that I can pass to DH so we can get on with mealtimes without calorie counting!
(Oh so ironic that me and DH are getting fatter since ds came along)

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