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introducing potential allergens what to look out for?

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Pedrolina Thu 18-Sep-08 11:41:59

Started BLW a couple of weeks ago but, as DH gets bad hayfever and I used to get eczema (seemed to grow out of that in my 20s!), I'm introducing potential allergens - gluten, dairy, eggs etc - one by one giving each one three days. So we did a week of BLW with just fruit and veg, all fine then introduced rice cakes, then dairy (unsalted butter, greek yogurt, whole cows milk) did that for three days all seems fine. Yesterday introduced gluten in the form of porridge which seemed to go down well. This morning DS just had THE most eruptive poo - I mean I had to unscrew bits of his pushchair to clean it. Other than that it was fairly normal colour and stuff (sorry for TMI!) No idea if this is a reaction or just a freak occurence. He seems absolutly fine in every other way. Would like to know what I am meant to be looking out for really - will a food that causes and allergy have a really obvious and immediate reaction? If so what type of symptoms? Can't seem to find this info anywhere obvious (i.e. checked the Birth to Five book which said to introduce things one at a time but not what to look out for) Cheers

whoisdoingthedishes Mon 22-Sep-08 10:09:56


the poo might be just that they are trying to get rid of something difficult to digest, so I would give it a rest and try again in a few weeks time. I have no idea about allergies, but would like to know as well.

VotePedro Tue 23-Sep-08 12:45:44

Ah yes cheers - this is pretty much what I've done - anyone have any experience with this??

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