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booster seat or highchair for beginning weaning?

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deaconblue Tue 16-Sep-08 11:50:19

Used a highchair for ds but they take up so much room I'd rather get dd a booster seat when we start weaning her in a few weeks. Are 6 month olds ok in a booster? Can't seem to find one on the market with a highchair style 5 point harness.

carmenelectra Tue 16-Sep-08 11:57:30

I bought a booster from Next as i didnt want more junk taking up room in the house! It would be fine from 6 mths, my ds went in about 5mths ish. However, although its absolutely fine i do regret buying it and wish id bough a regular highchair because ours is fitted permanently to a dining chair which means we have one less chair. It depends if you have a spare chair really i think. It obviously does save a lot of space

Huggle Tue 16-Sep-08 12:01:54

We had one of these from Mothercare.

Says from 6 months. It has a 3-pt harness. Could you perhaps attach your own harness (ie those you buy as reins - which come with highchair attachments)?

Can't remember what age we used it from, but we did use one of these foam inserts

Alternatively, if you have a sturdy table, I have used one of those clip-on high chairs in a restaurant, or what about stg like the Tripp Trapp? Ours fits neatly under the table (spare chair in garage) - and now it's been made into a normal chair, any of us can use it, if necessary!

Upwind Tue 16-Sep-08 12:04:27

This one says it should be okay from six months 1221562818&sr=1-1

I wonder if they would have a shorter useful life than a normal highchair though?

MrsJamin Tue 16-Sep-08 15:04:27

I have a Handysitt from - looks smarter than the other boosters and means DS can come right up to the table. Having said that, he does make a lot of mess, and sometimes I wonder whether having a tray would be easier. I like the Handysitt but it's quite pricey at around £60.

sannie Tue 16-Sep-08 20:52:21

I have the Fisher Price one Upwind posted....

I used it for ds1 and now it's out of the cellar for it has lasted well

I just started using it with ds2 (8 months) and he's fine....I wouldn't have used it on hm before then though and he couldn't sit up properly...\I was using a bouncy chair....

I think booster seats are great, they are hard wearing, take up less space and are cheaper.....

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