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yesterday ds fed himself 1.5 ravioli for lunch [proud]

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MamaChris Mon 15-Sep-08 09:44:31

OK, so 1.5 ravioli doesn't sound like a lot (bit of tomato sauce too), but I've posted on here about panicking about him just not eating. Now at 7.5mo we've had the first successful meal where he kept picking the food up and eating it! So happy, and wanted to thank those who've reassured me over the last month that he will crack it.

Though of course, he then ate nothing for breakfast (off spoon or fingers). But hey-ho. Small steps and all that

MrsJamin Mon 15-Sep-08 20:40:27

That's great, mamachris - it is great when you watch them suddenly getting it! My DS is still very hit and miss at over 8 months- but the hits are priceless aren't they?

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