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I've made the salmon 'balls' from Annabel Karmels book. Have made big batch, can they be frozen, they've got mayo in though.

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HeinzSight Sun 14-Sep-08 17:35:18

Please please please please say they can!

I remember making the mistake of doing a big batch of corination chicken and freezing portions, it split, badly, because there was quite a bit of mayo in it.

This recipe only has a few tablespoons. Will I get away with it?

Don't think DD (1 next week) is going to manage to eat the volume I've made by tomorrow!

HeinzSight Sun 14-Sep-08 17:36:50


Twims Sun 14-Sep-08 17:45:40

Can you not eat them yourself for tea - would think if you made them today you could eat them Tuesday for lunch?

HeinzSight Sun 14-Sep-08 20:01:20

might just do that!

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