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Grazing or Fixed Meals?

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Tinkerisdead Sat 13-Sep-08 10:17:36

Im posting this out of curiosity as i darent ask it in real life, Im expecting PFB soon and didnt really want to look a numpty in front of my MIL regarding the feeding of a child!!

My MIL looks after her 1 yr granddaughter three days a week and nursery has her all other times. ive seen her nursery book and can see that she has fixed meals breakfast, snacktime, lunch etc where it is noted that all meals are seated and toys are put away.

When my MIL has her, she relays stories that first "she had a cheese sandwich, then i tried her on her organix crisps, then i put some raisins in a bowl, then she had a petit filous" and it goes on. When ive been there, i realise that niece is playing on floor and these items are played in bowl on the floor and she grazes as she plays all afternoon.9except the yoghurt obviously, thats spoon fed at intervals)

Im not asking which way is best at all but I think i had always envisaged meal times seated at highchair/booster seat etc and wondered what people usually do? I never contemplated the grazing style but evidently more food seems to go in as she is distracted through play. What do you do?

Mine Sat 13-Sep-08 14:35:51

hi there
I too noticed how different people feed their LO's in which ever way works for them or the child/baby when i started weaning..... The way i see it is that its really a case of each to their own.

I only feed DS (11months old) in his highchair or at the dinner table with us. I don't give him any snacks in between his meals as this cuts his appetite for lunch and dinner.

Nurseries have to only feed at set times because they have soo many more children to care for that if they gave them what they wanted, whenever they wanted then they'd be feeding and cleaning up all the time.

Eating at the table/hairchair works for us so thats what we do, but how you feed your lovely baby is entirely up to you as their mummy!!!

Good luck with having your baby too!!!!

Habbibu Sat 13-Sep-08 14:40:40

Eating meals with the family helps introduce children to the social aspects of eating, so it's useful. dd (23 mo) has snacks morning and afternoon, but they're more random - fruit or toast or somesuch in a bowl on the floor. Mind you, I gave birth to a human hoover, so it gets demolished pretty quickly.

nappyaddict Tue 16-Sep-08 09:36:18

i am a fan of grazing but sitting at the table to do it.

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