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HOw many solid meal for breat fed 8 month old?

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ButtonMeUp Wed 10-Sep-08 22:55:02

My ds is 8 months and bfed. I have tried the blw route with him so each family mealtime he is in his chair at the table and given a selection of what we have and he helps himself to what he wants. He generally follows this routine:

6.30am - Breastmilk
8.00am - breakfast
10.00am - breastmilk & nap
12.00 - lunchtime
1.00pm - breastmilk & nap
4.30pm - breastmilk (& nap sometimes)
5.30pm - dinner
7.30pm - breastmilk and bedtime
2.00am - breastmilk - occasionally

Did a search and lots of sites said that only 1 solid meal a day. He eats a wide variety of foods, garlic bread, olives, lots of fruit, pasta and tomato sauces, wraps, bread etc. I am now thinking that i should skip his breakfast and give him breastmilk and the same for either lunch or dinnertime.

When he does nurse he is often at the breast for an hour (same breast still producing milk and not empty) then we swap to the other.

He has following 91st centile and i havent recently had him weighed but he appears healthy. He is standing, crawling, cruising etc and seems very content.

I dont want to give him too many solid feeds and want to follow him. All i seem to do is feed and nap with him. I have an 8 year old as well and he is really taking a back seat.

RuthChan Thu 11-Sep-08 07:49:40

If your DS is doing so well, why change it?
At 8 months, most babies are recommended to be on 2 solid meals a day.
Many experts say 3 meals from 9 months.
However, your DS seems to be in a really good routine and it sounds like it suits you both well.
Why change it unless there's a problem?
If he seems to be eating too much or struggling with the adult food, then maybe something is wrong. But in your case, it sounds like everything is fine.
Good for you!!! smile

MrsJamin Thu 11-Sep-08 13:21:40

sounds like you're doing everything fine, I think with BLW you just offer food whenever you're having food and they'll just have what they want/ need. I've been offering food at 3 meals a day since DS was 6 MO, but he still has very little quantity. If he's having so much breastmilk too then I wouldn't worry about him having too many solids.

ButtonMeUp Thu 11-Sep-08 22:06:06

phew thanks, so easy to get caught up in the whole 'does my baby fit' thing.

He changed it last night and had extra milk at midnight and 5am, then gave him another at 7am and very small breakfast (had to get to school with ds1). He seemed ok and realy munched on his lunch and dinner.

He is a fruit fiend! grin

Got 8 month check in a few weeks (he'll be 9 months) and will get him checked then.

Re the solids/milk thing I thought we needed 75% milk feeds, though might be confused.

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