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started to wean and dd started to get dry skin on chest??

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gingerolivia Wed 10-Sep-08 22:06:59

DD is 22 weeks an about 3 weeks ago I started to drop breast feeds and I now breast feed just morning and bedtime with cow & gate inbetween, roughly 2 weeks ago I started to intoduce baby rice/porridge in a morning and purees i.e carrot/sweet potato at lunch but only small quantities, I've noticed this week that she had a dry patch of skin on the back of her arm and now she has dry skin on her chest which tonight seems to have spread to her stomach it doesnt seem to be bothering her and its not red or angry looking just flaky. Is this normal or should I be panicking and ringing the doctor (i'm actually already panicking ) I have hayfever and allergies are rife in the family so now beating myself up about reducing breast feeds etc etc.
Going to go to bed but will check tomorrow for replies - any advice welcome

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