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BLW and the bottom less pit that is DS....

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broguemum Wed 10-Sep-08 19:48:19

I think that this is just a pathetic plea for reassurance.

DS is 9.5 mo. He is a big lad - actually make that VERY big. He was exclusively BF until 6 mo and then we started BLW and within no time were up to 3 meals a day plus snacks.

I know, I know, I know, I should be grateful I have a good eater and glad and all that but I am becoming a tad paranoid that he is eating too much. I'm serious, the gut-monster eats more than I do! I offer him food until he mashes it up and throws it around rather than eat it. If I stop before this point he protests, loudly.

So, please reassure me. BLW babies don't over feed themselves. Do they?


Aitch Wed 10-Sep-08 19:49:54

is he beibg sick? then no. wink

dd used to eat adult portions of pasta at that age but it settled down after a while.

broguemum Wed 10-Sep-08 19:54:09

Well, he was sick yesterday but that was because he stuck a toy arrow (not his, DD's) down his throat. .

Aitch Wed 10-Sep-08 19:55:51

oh well, so long as it was a non-gender specific arrow... wink

yomellamoHelly Wed 10-Sep-08 19:59:02

My ds2 (now 21 months) was like this too. Never turns down the offer. And really enjoys it. I'm sure it will settle eventually, but for now I think at least it's healthy stuff. (Ds1's diet is a completely different matter.)

broguemum Wed 10-Sep-08 20:04:55

More age specific than gender specific. . I dread DS-the-destroyer getting his hands on some of DD's toys as the havoc he could wreak is almost beyond imagining. .

yomellamoHelly - did he get really chub or did he burn it off? I confess I am kind of worried.

LolaLadybird Thu 11-Sep-08 21:00:59

My DS (9 mths) is a real chubster. I have fretted in the past about his weight and his appetite - in fact I have posted about this before myself but my HV doesn't seem to think there is anything to worry about and everyone tells me he will burn it off once he gets moving.

I console myself with the fact that two of DD's friends (now 3 years old) were v big lads also and you would have no idea now, they all seem to have evened out.

I just try and make sure that DS' diet is healthy and varied so that I can stress less about the portion sizes.

Waspie Thu 18-Sep-08 15:24:26

I'm in the same position. My DS is 10 months now and over 11kg. He has calmed down slightly and only put on 200g in the last 5 weeks (I put that down to energy expended in crawling and climing!) but at his 8 month check he was getting towards the 98th percentile line and I was beginning to think they'd have to stick a piece onto the top of the chart at the next weighing blush.

Nothing has slowed his weight gain - colds, weaning, teething. The nursery chart says "Seconds" against both lunch and tea each day he's there.

The only real problem I've found is that I had to move him to a forward facing car seat earlier than I'd otherwise have liked because his shoulders were just too broad for the rearward facing seat.

Other than that, it's just the problem of raising a second mortgage in the current climate in order to pay for DS' food bills wink

I'm sure all our DC's will become fussy eaters at some point and then we'll all think back to when they ate anything and everything and long for those days again grin

broguemum Sun 21-Sep-08 19:58:06

Waspie, I feel your pain! DS grew out of his maxi cosi at five months!! We had to put him in the forward facing car seat which I was not very happy with but his head was sticking out the top... He is now growing out of the size 18 to 24 months clothes I bought for him just four weeks ago shock. He is bankrupting me in terms of clothes, not just food! wink

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