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10.5 mo old refusing spoon -should I persevere or give up on it??

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BeachBunni Wed 10-Sep-08 11:24:40

Ds has always been a good eater. No problems with lumps or finger foods. The past couple of weeks he is becoming harder and harder to feed with a spoon. It's getting to the point now he'll take 5 spoonfuls max then clamp his lips shut and move his head away.

I've tried giving him his own spoon but he just uses it to push mine away. I tried using his hand to guide the spoon into his mouth but he just grabs the food off it to mush it in his hands.

Yesterday dinner I got so fed up with it, I just dumped his pasta and sauce on the tray and let him tear away. Only ate a couple of mouthfulls, two strawberries and I think most of his yogurt ended up on his t-shirt or in the dog. But not fussing as much as he normally does in his highchair.
The same thing this morning - wouldn't take a spoonful of weetabix but was happy enough with his toast.

What should I do?? If I continue on just giving him finger foods/blw, I'd be concerned he isn't eating as much as he used to with the spoon. Know they get most of their calories from milk but since introducing solids, he's not been a great milk drinker. Yesterday only had 12 ozs despite hardly eating and I can't add it into his cereal like I normally do as he won't take it. Or should I keep trying him with a spoon in the hope he's just teething or something?? (still no teeth so a possibility)

Anyone with any advice/ experience of this?? Thanks.

Overmydeadbody Wed 10-Sep-08 11:30:16

Just give him finger food and let him feed himself with his hands.

Babies won't starve themselves, he will eat as much as he needs. There really is no need to start making food and mealtimes into an issue or battleground.

cktwo Wed 10-Sep-08 11:33:16

Children will not willingly starve themselves so don't worry if you think he's not eating enough. I think you're doing great with the finger foods/blw and it sounds like he wants to do it himself so let him. He will get better the more practise he has and will eat more. Just grit your teeth and bear the mess as it'll be worth it in the long run.

DD2 was like this and I only could feed her with a spoon and mush for two weeks. She ended up feeding herself with a fork by the time she was 12 months so I'm glad I listened to her. I spend months and months pureeing and feeding DD1. Won't make that mistake again !

BeachBunni Wed 10-Sep-08 11:36:58

Oh no, I definately wasn't trying to force him, just offering him it on the spoon and then giving up and letting him crack on himself.

That's what I'm concerned about. He was a low birthweight baby and has been doing really well and I don't want him to slide backwards. Added to that he's really active now and I thought he'd be needing more calories.

BeachBunni Wed 10-Sep-08 11:39:55

cktwo - so it's an independance thing then? the mess isn't an issue - we have a dog who is having a field day I think that's what I'll do then as I find all that pureeing a real hassel as well.

Bramshott Wed 10-Sep-08 11:43:40

It's very common for them not to want to be spoon fed at about this age (or ideally a little later!). DD2 is 17 months now and eats everything with her hands except yoghurts which she will now manage with a spoon. Can you maybe get some of those yoghurts shaped like a fruit that you drink for your DS?

BeachBunni Wed 10-Sep-08 11:50:36

Thanks ladies. I think I'll go and just roast him some veg and give him chicken strips for lunch. I'll look out for those yogurts Bramshott as the hv advised me to get more calcium/iron foods into him as he's not keen on his milk.

Good to hear he's not the only one who changes the rules all the time grin

bumbleweed Wed 10-Sep-08 15:44:48

Dd started solids at 26 weeks and refused the spoon from week 2 - point blank refused.

She was weaned on finger foods and thank god I read about babyledweaning on MN.

The mistake I probably made was fretting and continuing to try to persuade her. Wish I had just dumped a bit of whatever we were having on her highchair and covered my carpet with an enormous mat and let her choose.

BeachBunni Wed 10-Sep-08 17:56:57

Funny enough I went onto Aitch's blog after lunch. I'd never heard of blw until after I'd started him on purees and then I worried about the whole choking thing. Today it's been finger foods only and he loves it. Just after eating a big bowl of pasta and philly, green beans and half a pear.

No more fussing at his food, he looks so proud and happy doing it all himself and I know when he's finished as he's not reaching for the food anymore.


cktwo Wed 10-Sep-08 18:42:43

Brilliant. Happy mum and happy DS grin

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