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Question about BLW - puree vs food chunks

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NicknameAlreadyTaken Mon 08-Sep-08 13:19:16

My DD is 7.5 months old, we started on solids a week or two after she turned 6 months (was EBF before that), but she's still not showing any interest in eating from the spoon. Although enjoys drinking from a cup.
She's quite eager to grab something from my plate or from my hand when i'm eating, so i tried giving her some finger-food like rice cakes or chunks of baked pear etc, and she's mouthing all those, but is not really eating much, just creating a lot of mess. And I think it's fine as it's yet more like exploration for her rather than feeding.
But I also kept trying to give her most of the food from spoon (without any luck though) because I thought it was necessary to give them smooth purees at first.
Recently I came across information on BLW and they say it's not important for babies older than 6 months to get food as puree.

So, can someone please explain me why younger babies need purees rather than lumpy food and when and why this becomes not necessary?

Besides, my DD will get sick each time after eating finger food (not immediately, after a couple of hours), so I thought is was somehow related to eating non-smooth food.

Can it be so? And if not, what are the other possible reasons?

It might be a food reaction in some cases, but not in the others, because for example when i give her pear puree, she's fine and when i give her a piece of a baked pear, she gets sick afterwards.

Tried using a feeder with a mesh so that she was getting smoother food, but she doesn't seem to like it. sad

boogeek Mon 08-Sep-08 13:23:52

Smooth purees are a hangup from the day when babies were weaned early and still had their tongue-thrust reflex, could not sit up themselves (or even support their heads in some cases), and were liable to choke on anything lumpier than milk. They are absolutely not necessary in any way these days: had you started to wean your baby at 3 months or whatever on smooth purees, by the age she is now she would be having mashed food and fingerfoods. It's about their age and stage of development not a process they have to go through starting with baby rice iyswim.
I think the mesh feeders look horrible myself - I wouldn't want to eat through a pair of tights!
Don't know about being sick - if it is after a few hours it seems unlikely to be the food. Was she a sicky baby?

NicknameAlreadyTaken Mon 08-Sep-08 13:59:20

boogeek, thanks for your reply and explanations!
yes, she puked loads and loads from the very beginning and was suffering much from it and from reflux, but then it diminished and dissappeared when I changed my diet and when she started to spend more time sitting. Since then and before we started her on solids she would still get sick from time to time but I think it was in response to some food I eat (although everyone thinks i'm crazy and am trying to find a problem where everything is fine smile) And now she's sick more often and is bringing up bigger amounts.

You say it's unlikely to be a food reaction if she's sick a few hours after eating it. How soon does it happen if it's a food reaction?

boogeek Mon 08-Sep-08 14:05:15

Well, you said yourself it wasn't a reaction to the specific food - ie she can have pear puree but lumpy pears seem to make her sick. I just think if it is a reaction to lumps it is more likely to be as soon as they hit her stomach than after they have been digesting for a while. But I am not medical, what do I know?

halogen Mon 08-Sep-08 17:14:33

I started off on purees but it wasn't long before my daughter made it very clear that she didn't like anyone else putting a spoon in her mouth. I just went with it and she's a great eater now and can manage a spoon and fork really well on her own.

Re the being sick, I think some babies just are sick a lot - mine was, too. Suddenly you just notice that it's stopped (and feel delighted). You wouldn't worry if she was possetting up some milk after every feed, would you? Are there any foods that don't make her sick?

NicknameAlreadyTaken Tue 09-Sep-08 09:43:56

lucicle, you are right, I wouldn't worry if she was possetting after each milk feed (as long as it wasn't causing her discomfort of course). It's just that I didn't expect her to start bringing up mouthfuls again after it stopped a long while ago.

Yesterday she didn't posset at all although I kept giving her pieces of peach, apple, cauliflower, etc. So, looks like it's not because of non-pureed food, seems like it either was a reaction to certain food (eaten by her or eaten by me) or was just a strange on-and-off come-back of reflux and possetting hmm

It's so painful when you don't know what's going on and why and whether everything's fine or not. sad

nappyaddict Tue 16-Sep-08 10:20:35

The information would have said babies older than 6 months don't need puree because the idea is that the baby's digestive system is ready for food about the same time as they get the motor skills to be able to self-feed. These skills usually happen at around 6 months but can happen earlier/later.

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