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Milk for cereal

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GiraffeAHolic Fri 05-Sep-08 10:44:54

If cows milk is a no-no until one year what is best to put on cereal?

Thought about weetabix for dd in a couple of weeks

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 05-Sep-08 10:47:41

whole fat cows milk with food is fine after 6 months, just not as a main drink iywim?

forula milk or expressed breast milk is also okay on cereal. i used hipp growing milk <the ready made bottles> on dd2's cereal for a while when she was first weaning.

GiraffeAHolic Fri 05-Sep-08 10:52:01

Thank you! Did think about putting formula milk on it but TBH its so expensive

missorinoco Fri 05-Sep-08 10:53:01

weetabix with cows milk went down a treat in our house.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 05-Sep-08 11:00:09

lol giraffe thats why i said for a while!

dd2 took to weaning really quickly and started refusing her milk in order to have food thats why i used formula on cereals.

once i was reassured by mumsnet that so long as she was having some milk and lots of calcium and eating a varied diet and good portions she would be fine we used cows milk.

GiraffeAHolic Fri 05-Sep-08 11:06:52

I think thats the way we're going! Dd loves her food, be it puree or finger food. Ages are spent munching on steamed broccoli florets (strange child ~ 5.5 months).

At the mo I'm offering lunch and dinner between bottles so no choice involved IYSWIM

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