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How do I make cauliflower cheese for 10mth old?

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Holymoly321 Fri 05-Sep-08 09:39:34

Have no idea! And can I freeze it?

HolidaysQueen Fri 05-Sep-08 09:49:58

I don't see why you can't freeze cauli cheese.

I would steam the cauliflower until tender (10 mins or so). Make a normal cheese sauce like this.

Put cauli in baking dish, pour over the sauce then sprinkle a bit more cheese on top. Put under a hot grill until it's bubbling.

This is a lighter version of traditional cauliflower cheese but is delicious. I would use full fat creme fraiche for a baby though. Not sure if it is freezable as don't know if creme fraiche is.

TheProvincialLady Fri 05-Sep-08 09:53:04

If you are planning to freeze I would cook the cauliflower fractionally less so that it allows for it going a bit soggier in the freezer. Otherwise, just make it like you would for an adult only making sure you use all full fat milk etc.

wakesandquakes Fri 05-Sep-08 22:38:42

We have this all the time. DD loved it and DS has been having it since 7-8 months (now 9 months). I make a big batch (steam cali, remove, make sauce in same pan, add cali back to pan, mash with fork) and freeze it in pots - defrost when needed! you can try different cheeses for diff flavours to see what they like, but I just use whatever we have in (so cheddar then).

Brangelina Fri 05-Sep-08 22:45:56

Easy peasy cauli cheese - steam some cauliflower (or broccoli, to ring the changes) with a carrot and some leek, roughly blend the lot with some grated cheese, add a knob of butter, then if you feel like it, add some more grated cheese and breadcrumbs on the top and bung under the grill for a few seconds. Otherwise serve as is. Sometimes I also add a pinch of mustard flour to the mixture to highlight the flavour of the cheese.

No faffing about with making cheese sauces and the result is almost the same. You can freeze the blended steamed veg and just add the cheese and butter when you reheat.

Holymoly321 Sat 06-Sep-08 19:00:01

thanks all, will give it a bash - fingers crossed DS will go for it as having cauli as a puree in the early stages of weaning made him puke!

Mercy Sat 06-Sep-08 19:02:20

Make it the same as you would for an adult. but with less or milder cheese

Cheese sauce doesn't freeze well ime - hte sauce can separate when defrosted.

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