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babylonian Mon 21-Feb-05 11:20:33

i want to start weaning my 4 month dd and have read everywhere about baby rice, excuse my ignorance but where can i buy baby rice it in the baby section of the supermarket? does it come as dry rice or a powder form that is mixed with milk/water??? and any suggestions as to brand? i feel that this question is probably the most stupid to be aired on mumsnet .

Frizbe Mon 21-Feb-05 11:23:39

no its not! you can get it in the supermarket in the babysection, don't buy too much of it, as your dd won't eat it for that long before she wants to try other things anyway! (and you'll spend months trying to use it up in other recipies!) Don't forget to cash in the vouchers you received in your hospital bounty pack to get assorted weening goodies, which might be a good starting point?

jessicasmummy Mon 21-Feb-05 11:24:04

you get it with the baby food bits..... comes in a box of powder type stuff. cow & gate do it, as do a lot of the other brands. HTH

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 21-Feb-05 11:24:48

Yeah you can buy it at the supermarket, boots, superdrug etc.

There are lots of brands that make it like Heinz, Cow&Gate, Organix, Boots own brand. There are loads to choose from.

They do some mixed with fruits but I think it's advised to start on the plain stuff for a while.

babylonian Mon 21-Feb-05 11:56:13

thanks everybody...great help, i really just needed to check and be a 100% sure. really appreciate all the replies...

Twiglett Mon 21-Feb-05 17:44:37

organix baby rice is pretty good IMHO ... its great as a first food mixed with milk (breast or formula) plus you can use it to thicken purees later on

highlander Tue 22-Feb-05 20:36:31

isn't 4mo way too early to start solids?

laneydaye Thu 24-Feb-05 17:05:54

much to the dismay of our hv, i gave my dd a teaspoon of boots organic baby rice today (shes 4mths) she wolfed it down and despite what hv says my dd is hungry cos shes feeding every 2-3 hrs still through the night and ive tried and tested lots of different other advice and suggestions...... my ds who is only 4 was weaned at 4mths as was i and my brothers my parents thers.........and it goes on. Now they say 6 months , i think it depends on the baby and as a mother you know when the time is right.....

hercules Thu 24-Feb-05 17:07:47

Highlander - lot's of people here still follow 4 months. IT will take a long time for the 10 year old WHO recommenations to filter through and be trusted.

bundle Thu 24-Feb-05 17:09:14

babyrice does have a lot less "in it" though than the milk, it's just a filler and they won't really get much energy out of it, so i wonder where this idea comes from that infants will benefit from such early weaning?

dinosaur Thu 24-Feb-05 17:09:17

Doesn't it also depend on whether you're breast or formula feeding? Breastmilk is a complete food, whereas formula is not, therefore need to start weaning earlier if baby is formula-fed.

laneydaye Thu 24-Feb-05 17:13:59

When i had mydd i had full intentions of waiting until 6 months, as it is she is still feeding for long periods every 2-3 hours or so, she is sucking her fists and anything else she can get hold of and she is staring when we eat. Awhen i had my son if i remember correctly these were all signs we were told to watch out for....I know mums who have started their 2mth old on rice!

hercules Thu 24-Feb-05 17:14:12

No, formual is fine for 6 months too.

hercules Thu 24-Feb-05 17:14:40

It's your choice but these arent signs of needing solids.

laneydaye Thu 24-Feb-05 17:14:49

by the way she is fully bf..

hercules Thu 24-Feb-05 17:15:47

If you are interested there is a really good website that has lots of up to date information. I'll only post the link if you want as I dont want you to think I'm being pushy.

beansprout Thu 24-Feb-05 17:17:40

Laney - can dd sit up and keep her head still? This is one of the important things that needs to be in place before weaning.
Ds is 4 months and showing the same signs - fist chomping, dribbling for England, staring at food... but then again, he stares at most things I do at the moment!! Am going to keep going with the b/f though, but yes, it is hard work and I am extremely tired!

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Feb-05 17:22:51

I'm another who's trying to make it to 6 months. 5 months today!

I think the fist chomping and dribbling are signs of impending teeth, more than hunger.

Independent sitting is meant to be a good sign, though. DS2 is working on that at the moment, but I think I'll still try to go to 6 months, I can't see waiting doing him any harm.

laneydaye Thu 24-Feb-05 17:28:44

well i felt pressured to wean, and now i feel pressured to not wean, ????? why only 4 years ago was i told to wean at 4mths?

laneydaye Thu 24-Feb-05 17:30:35

sorry i seem to have changed the topic to weaning.......

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Feb-05 17:30:55

I think even four years ago, the WHO was pushing 6 months. I weaned DS1 at 16 weeks, and it was just such hard work, so I'm particularly eager to follow the WHO/NHS guidelines.

When my sister was born, 30 or so years ago, my mom was told to give her cereal at two days. In the 20s (I think?), it was normal to wait until 9 months to give solids.

dinosaur Thu 24-Feb-05 17:32:41

I started giving DS3 little tastes at about 5.5 months but he wasn't really interested! It's only been in the last week that he's actually been interested (he will be seven months old on 2 March).

laneydaye Thu 24-Feb-05 17:33:48

please send me the link hercules....
do you think it will help

beansprout Thu 24-Feb-05 17:34:11

Sorry Laney, not trying to pressure you. I suppose advice does change. I was part of the formula fed generation and now "breast is best". WHO have said to wean not before 6 months for 10 years and govt have now sugg the same though. HVs all have their own views too!! Arghhhh!

hercules Thu 24-Feb-05 17:35:59

i'll start another thread for it.

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