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how quickly to introduce new foods?

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noolia Wed 03-Sep-08 15:03:21

DD turned 6 months and started solids last week. So far she's had carrot, banana and a bit of rice cake. I'm pretty happy about what to feed her and doing a mix of mashed stuff and finger food. She enjoys tasting stuff but only has a teeny amount and hardly swallows anything.

But I have a few first-timer questions and need mn help!
1) At the moment she has lunch - when should I introduce breakfast and supper?
2) Should she have water with her lunch (she is bf)?
3) How soon should I introduce things other than fruit/veg?
3) She has always slept from her 10.30 bed time feed till about 7am but since starting solids she has been waking a couple of times in the night and having a 10 minute feed. What's going on?

thank you!

Elasticwoman Wed 03-Sep-08 16:21:51

1) Not yet, if she's not taking much when you do offer food. Wait till she seems a bit hungrier.
2)Yes - a lidded cup is useful for that.
3)She is not too young for wheat now, and I found ground rice useful. Baby rice is the same thing at more than 10 x the price, with a few vitamins added.
4) Don't know. Not getting enough milk in the day? Teething?

MrsJamin Thu 04-Sep-08 09:40:26

1) If your DD is self-feeding there's nothing wrong with offering food three times a day - she'll take as much as she needs/wants. If you're doing spoon-feeding then I'd go a bit slower as she won't be modifying the quantities herself so much.
2) Virtually every baby I know has the tommee tippee sippy cup - it's a great first cup and my DS is obsessed with it!
3) For wheat, I'd start offering toast - it's the ultimate finger food.
4) As for waking in the night, there's so many reasons why they can regress - my DS did this as well when we started weaning, but it was due to teething. He seemed to want more milk in the day too, they say there's a growth spurt at 6 months so maybe that's the reason?

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