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Post BLW cutlery refusal?

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PerkinWarbeck Wed 03-Sep-08 13:16:35

DD (17mo) was very easy to wean, and quickly established a preference for finger foods. She has been self-feeding for ages, but my efforts to introduce a spoon/fork have been fruitless. She remains content to eat soups, yoghurt etc with fingers. Any ideas on promoting cutlery?

cmotdibbler Wed 03-Sep-08 15:09:13

Just strew some around on her tray, and she'll use it when she wants. Ds eventually realised that using a fork/knife/chopsticks was more interesting, and in some cases more productive

Pheebe Thu 04-Sep-08 08:25:37

ds1 is 4 and still uses his fingers at home, thankfully he does use a fork when out though. offer it, leave it within reach and remind her but don't insist (it'll just become an issue)

TrinityRhino Thu 04-Sep-08 08:27:23

gecko is 19 months and has just polished off a small yoghurt straight from the pot with only her fingers and minimal mess

just leave them near her when she eats, she will try them eventually

dont force her though, it'll make it an issue

gecko does use cutlery sometimes but at this age I'mreally not bothered

ajm200 Thu 04-Sep-08 08:42:48

Our DS watched us use cutlery at family meal times and gradually got more interested over the past 2 months. He's now 22 months and insists on trying to eat everything with a fork or spoon, even toast.

When your little one is ready she'll use it. They love to imitate mummy and daddy around the age of 2.

PerkinWarbeck Thu 04-Sep-08 15:23:50

oh, cheers all. There's nothing like mumsnet to make you feel normal grin.

nappyaddict Tue 16-Sep-08 09:59:43

ds can use a fork sort of but wouldn't use a spoon until june when he turned 2.

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