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Weaning - I'm feeling clueless!

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noolia Tue 02-Sep-08 11:59:40

DD turned 6 months and started solids last week. So far she's had carrot, banana and a bit of rice cake. I'm pretty happy about what to feed her and doing a mix of mashed stuff and finger food. She enjoys tasting stuff but only has a teeny amount and hardly swallows anything.
But I have a few first-timer questions and need mn help!
1) At the moment she has lunch - when should I introduce breakfast and supper?
2) Should she have water with her lunch (she is bf)?
3) How soon should I introduce things other than fruit/veg?
3) She has always slept from her 10.30 bed time feed till about 7am but since starting solids she has been waking a couple of times in the night and having a 10 minute feed. What's going on?
thank you!

HensMum Tue 02-Sep-08 18:56:06

It's really early days, don't stress. My DS didn't eat anything much for about a week or so then there was no stopping him! It's a lot for them to learn about.

I'd say introduce breakfast and supper when she's eating a decent amount at lunchtime or when she looks hungry at that time of day.
DS is formula fed but I started offering water with food as soon as I started weaning, even though he was still having all his bottles. At first he didn't take much but he does now. No harm in offering it, if she's not thirsty she won't drink and it'll get her used to a cup.

I think I introduced things other than fruit/veg at about 7 months...not sure why now! I think it took that long for him to get up to speed if you know what I mean. I think we dropped a bottle then too so I was keen to get some dairy and protein into him.

Not sure about the sleeping thing, sorry! Just keeping you on your toes probably...

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