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windy baby - any thoughts?

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nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Mon 01-Sep-08 20:04:12

DS (7.5mo) has had some trouble with constipation since starting weaning, but this is now a bit better, guess his body is getting used to it!

he still only poos every 4 days or so, although sometimes 2 days in a row. its generally a big event and he goes a bit purple, but isn't in pain (has been checked by doc too)

i think sometimes his sleep is disturbed by wind/discomfort relating to digestion (as well as teething at the mo oh joy grin) and just wondered if anyone has any ideas to ease this? does gripe water actually work? i gave him some when i was ex bf (am still bf) but wasn't sure if it did much, and don't know if i could give a spoon of it at (solid) tea time or if its always after a bf?

sorry for such a mind-numbingly dull question but i am weirdly preoccupied with my baby's digestion!

ta for any thoughts if you're still awake at this point

misi Mon 01-Sep-08 23:47:52

for teething and soothing

for wind

both work a treat

nolongerchunkybutstillapudding Tue 02-Sep-08 21:05:14

thanks misi, the teething powders don't seem to work on ds but the windipops may be worth a try - haven't seen or heard of them before...

are there any other ideas at all? i really think ds has been in a lot of discomfort lately... in fact we were in a & e last night and it is just possible that the state he was in was due to wind (still don't know on that one though. it was bloody scary whatever it was, not least because he wasn't properly conscious)

fourlittlefeet Tue 02-Sep-08 21:08:39

maybe he is allergic to somethings you are giving him? did you introduce foods gradually. can you go back to basics and see if you can find out which food groups are causing it? I found the book 'what shall I feed my baby' really useful in that regard.

good luck and hope the poor wee might feels better. Fresh apple juice, orange juice with bits in or water with brown sugar are all good for moving things along (and the usual suspects; prunes, dried fruits etc).

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