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So how does this BLW work then?

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JordTyler Mon 01-Sep-08 13:06:06

Right, firstly my DS is only 13wo so i have a while yet but i really want to keep it exclusive till 6m, and really like idea of BLW.

So how did you over come pressure from people, especialy close family (DP makes me feel like hippy just for BF!)

Next how did you cope with harder periods of BF before you were ready to wean. I have heard they have hard stage at 5m. do you just have to be really determind.

Last one. When did you firs offer foods. Is there a age(weeks) that is most common. Also my DS is v small(weight) so would i have to wait for his to catch up a bit if he is still v small for weeks?

Any advice or experiences would be great. Just getting my self prep-ed, and armed with info!

cmotdibbler Mon 01-Sep-08 14:49:17

I always went for a public attitude of being far too lazy to make special purees, feed DS with them, cart them around with me etc. Since no one else was going to volunteer to do this, they didn't have much to say - and once they see a 6 month old eating steak and roast veggies, they are soo entranced that theres nothing to say.

You don't need to offer anything but milk till 26 weeks. Readiness for weaning has nothing to do with weight.

I just went with the flow and accepted that his appetite would come and go with growth spurts, just as it still does at 2 years.

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