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When/how to drop a milk feed for 8 month old

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nickleodeon Thu 28-Aug-08 20:39:11

My 8 month old is still having 4 milk feeds a day - I have tried to cut down her lunch time feed but she still wants the milk - has about 4 oz before and sometimes another 2 oz after lunch. She has 3 other milk feed of 7 oz each, but she is eating very well too.

Took her to be weighed last week and she is average and following her curve, so not obese luckily (yet)!

Can anyone advise whether I should just cut out the lunch time feed or whether to wait until she naturally doesn't seem to want it?

MrsJamin Thu 28-Aug-08 21:01:36

Milk is still the major source of energy and nutrition until the age of 1 - that's 4 months away so she will be having lots of milk feeds, it's normal. DS is 8 MO next week and not showing any signs of dropping any feeds! I would wait until she naturally drops it but see what others say who have been there themselves!

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