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12 month old refusing food (except mainly bread, or anything sweet and dairy!)

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JenAT Wed 27-Aug-08 13:36:17

my dd nearly is 12 months, doesn't weigh much, below 2nd centile. Probably looking for reassurance here that she is just going through a phase of only wanting to eat yoghurt, toast, crumpets, rice pudding etc, basically anything bread or dairy. I try to give her a well balanced diet, made her pasta with veggie sauce and cheese for lunch. She wouldn't let me feed her, so gave her spoon, which she picked up, and flung in my face,liberally spraying food everywhere.I let her self feed also with her hands but again she just played with the pasta and threw it at the cat. In the end I gave up and she had stewed apple with rice pudding and of course ate it no problem. Should I be more strict and not end up giving her what she wants as I don't want to end up having a child that is a fussy eater? Anyone else having a similar problem, or has come through the other side and now has a child who will eat anything?
She is very active ,sleeps well etc. I reduced her milk to 2 bottles a day but made no difference in the amount she eats. Any advice appreciated.

Pheebe Wed 27-Aug-08 16:42:06

I would up her milk again so you can stop worrying about her nutrition and stop offering the 'favourites' at every meal. Offer a balance and range of stuff as you are doing and just let her get on with it. Do you eat with her? if not I would also start eating my meals alongside her, take food from her plate and let her take food from yours. Basically explore together. Have found from bitter experience that being 'strict' with a 12 mont old is pretty pointless smile

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