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how best to blend for stage two weaning ie slightly lumpy foods

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fabmrsv Sat 23-Aug-08 21:35:37

hi i am just about to move on to stage two weaning. so far i have just made veg and that has blended fine using a hand held blender. however i am now wanting to cook meals with meat etc in them. what do people use to get the meals to the right consistency ie not totally pureed but still mashed up enough? i used a blender/liquidiser yesterday and it kind of came out ok ie not too pureed but there was no means of making it less so so am not sure what to use when i need to make it less pureed? any good recommendations. a friend of mine uses the beaba babycook but it looks a bit too small if you want to batch cook (which i do) also someone suggested the small processor that delia smith sells? anyone used that.

thanks very much

gagarin Sat 23-Aug-08 21:41:16

how about a fork wink?

How old is your dc? Could dc manage finger foods and bypass much more slush/mash?

ONly mention it as lumps floating in a smoothe base can often lead to heaving when the dcs try and "drink" the thicker solids and end up gagging.

MrsBadger Sat 23-Aug-08 21:41:17

I had (and indeed have) no idea about the difference between the so-called 'stages' but found a mouli (thus) useful occasionally for the couple of weeks between 'slop' and 'mashed with fork'.

Pheebe Sat 23-Aug-08 21:45:28

I'm using the beaba, its fab. I'm also batch cooking. I can make a weeks worth of food for ds2 in an hour or so (while doing other stuff such as mnetting smile) by doing various combinations.

I also tend to use the 'mush' as bases for meal combos and finely chop whatever meat we're having into a nice veggie mix. Gives it texture and is less hassle than actually batch cooking 'proper' meals.

Also give ds2 lots of finger foods especially steamed fruit and veg stick done in the beaba for lunch or picked out of whatever we're having.

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