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Porridge oats for a 9mo

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DustyTV Fri 22-Aug-08 09:22:02

DD is BLW, but I think she is getting board of fruit and shredded wheat bite size for her breakfast. Can I give her normal porridge oats now.

Also can someone give me some ideas for breakfast for DD. She likes things like cheese on toast and scrambled egg etc, but not every day.

gingerninja Fri 22-Aug-08 09:27:52

She can eat porridge but prepare for mess. Aitch did have a recipe for porridge pancakes on her website at one time but I haven't looked for yonks, someone will be able to link you I'm sure.

Other ideas are regular pancakes, muffin, eggy bread, erm..can't really think of anything else.

DustyTV Fri 22-Aug-08 09:46:35

Thanks gingerninja.

Pancakes sound good aill try them one morning for her.

ShowOfHands Fri 22-Aug-08 09:51:19

DD has and has had since 6 months:

Eggs- boiled, scrambled, poached, omelette
Porridge- with fruit sometimes
Natural yoghurt again with fruit
Pancakes with fruit or sometimes ham and cheese
Bread stuff- toast, muffins, crumpets, pitta etc
Fruit salad
Cereal- she loves weetabix the most

She just has what we're having!

DustyTV Fri 22-Aug-08 10:15:29

Thanks SOH. Do you make your own pancakes??

Aitch Fri 22-Aug-08 10:17:34

and do not forget the delicious breakfast of 'leftovers from the night before'... wink
babies don't know anything, lol.

ShowOfHands Fri 22-Aug-08 10:18:32

Er, sort of. I put the ingredients in the blender and the blender whizzes them into an appropriate consistency. That still counts as homemade I think. smile

Pancakes are great because you can make lots and keep them for later or the batter keeps for a couple of days in the fridge so you can do enough for a couple of days running. The options for fillings are good too. They're good finger food.

ShowOfHands Fri 22-Aug-08 10:19:30

No, that's also true. They don't know that a cheese sandwich isn't appropriate breakfast fodder.


DustyTV Fri 22-Aug-08 10:21:22

SOH would you mind posting your pancake recipe as I have not made pancakes ever blush

Aitch, we had curry last night, DD has a little bit of Korma and rice and loves it grin Knowing her she probably would eat it for her breakfast lol.

Aitch Fri 22-Aug-08 10:22:02

or a bit of leftover broccoli... yum. they're idiots, basically. grin

Aitch Fri 22-Aug-08 10:23:54

here you go, a recipe and some lovely photos of some porridge pancakes

check on the forum as well, it's a recipe that has been refined consdierably over the years... wink

ShowOfHands Fri 22-Aug-08 10:26:59

Dusty, I chuck a couple of eggs, some plain flour and milk and a little bit of water in the blender and whizz it up. I don't measure it!

Hang on, let me google for something that looks about right...

Okay here. That's about right if you're making it by hand but don't include the salt. You don't need it imo and definitely don't add salt to a baby's food. I used to add oil when I did it by hand but don't bother now I use the blender. Much easier to whip it up into the right consistency with technological aid.

ShowOfHands Fri 22-Aug-08 10:30:00

Those porridge pancake are lovely! Aitch's blw forum is very useful. If only to compare pictures of exactly how messy it can get/how truly lovely it is to see a baby enjoy proper food.

DustyTV Fri 22-Aug-08 10:34:33

Thanks Aitch and SOH, looks like DD will be having panckaes tomorrow for breakfast grin

MatBackFack Fri 22-Aug-08 10:36:52

my blw has been having porridge, just the normal oats we have, since about 7m that he feeds himself! Yes I know sounds insane but I make it quite thick and he picks up handfuls and shovels it in. with a pelican bib and a muslin wrapped round him its not too bad. He also does it with weetabix - loves it! Has started using a spoon to dig into it too now at 11m

DustyTV Fri 22-Aug-08 11:05:47

ooo I bet that is nice and messy lol. I love to see messy dc who are enjoying their food grin

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 22-Aug-08 15:35:51

Message withdrawn

Indith Fri 22-Aug-08 15:44:33

Ds refused to eat porridge at that age, until I hit upon making it really thick and sticky and rolling it into balls. Strange child.

His breakfast staples are cereals that don't go mushy (he refuses shredded wheat etc), pancakes, eggy bread and porridge.

Oh and at the grand old age of 19 months, he can use cutlery beautfully but still tends to opt for hands grin

KnickersOnMaHead Fri 22-Aug-08 16:40:43

Message withdrawn

georgiemum Fri 22-Aug-08 16:48:23

Oatcake recipe please! Mine turn our like cork coasters.

Aitch Sat 23-Aug-08 00:09:48

very easy

there is a search function on the blog, you know... wink

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